Posie Parker drowned out by LGBTQ+ crowd telling her to ‘go home’ at latest Australian rally

Posie Parker during the Hobart protest.

An event by anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, has yet again attracted a huge counter-protest.

The ‘gender-critical’ pundit was completely drowned out by demonstrators telling her to “go home” at a planned event in Hobart, Australia on Tuesday (21 March).

Keen-Minshull was joined by a small group of supporters for the event, in front of the Parliament House lawn, as part of her Let Women Speak tour of Australia.

So far, almost every single scheduled event has been attended by more protesters than supporters – and Hobart was no different.

As she stepped up to the microphone, her words were drowned out by protesters chanting: “Posie Parker you can’t hide, you’ve got Nazis on your side”.

A similar event in Melbourne on Saturday (18 March) saw a group of neo-Nazis turn up to join the anti-trans pundit’s rally.

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While this is not the first time Keen-Minshull attracted support from far-right groups, the use of blatant Nazi imagery, including the Nazi salute, shocked many.

Australian premier Dan Andrews called the attending Nazi groups “evil” and said that hateful ideologies “aren’t welcome” in Melbourne.

Similarly, New Zealand prime minister Chris Hipkins expressed concerns about Keen-Minshull’s planned New Zealand visit, saying that Immigration New Zealand is conducting a “review” into her entry.

During the Hobart event, Keen-Minshull could be seen getting frustrated with the overwhelming backlash against her rhetoric.

Her speech began with the claim that the pro-LGBTQ+ crowd, which was filled with women in support of trans people, was being allowed to “invade women’s spaces”.

She then began repeating baseless accusations that “transing youth is child abuse” and “men are raping women in prison”.

As the commotion continued, with members of the pro-trans rally growing louder, Keen-Minshull’s arguments then devolved into complaining about police presence and boasting about her financial well-being.

She began making baffling remarks to the few ‘gender-critical‘ protestors that had showed up, saying that pro-trans activists were jealous that she has a big house.

“They’re annoyed because I have a house with no mortgage,” she yelled over the loud calls for her to “go home”.

“Really big house, no mortgage, lifelong job prospects.”

After spotting Tasmania Greens MPs Cassy O’Connor and Rosalie Woodruff in the LGBTQ+ supporting crowd, she began to berate them.

“Two Green elected politicians over there joining a mob against women,” she yelled into the microphone.

“How utterly mental … Elected politicians, shame on you.”

Tasmania Greens MPs Cassy O'Connor and Rosalie Woodruff standing in a pro-trans crowd.
Tasmania Greens MPs Cassy O’Connor and Rosalie Woodruff came out to protest Posie Parker’s planned event. (YouTube)

O’Connor and Woodruff faced taunts of “they’re the Nazis” from ‘gender-critical’ speakers who shouted into their faces.

“Look at her smug little face, disgusting,” Keen-Minshull continued as Woodruff waved goodbye at her.

Other speakers from the audience included a woman that claimed gender-affirming care for trans youth is creating “a generation of autistic, homosexual and traumatised children who will grow into adults that cannot experience orgasm” while screaming over the chants.

“You cannot compel me to believe in your gender religion,” she screamed.

Near the end of the protest, Keen-Minshull remarks that Hobart was “the worst place I’ve ever been,” while calling the Liberal Party of Australia “disgusting”.

“You’ve got politicians joining in on a mob, you’ve got politicians in this House staring down at this,” she continued. “F**king hell…”

She then continued to call locals in the area “groomers,” “a group of t**ts” and continually claiming the pro-trans rights chants equated to a “mob”.

Her next speech will be at the Parliament House in Canberra, Australia and, if the past six events are anything to go by, it will be quite difficult to hear.

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