Lukas Gage opens up about relationship with hairstylist Chris Appleton: ‘I needed to be tamed!’

Lukas Gage

Actor Lukas Gage has opened up about his relationship with celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, revealing that he’s “very much in love”.

Just over a week after Chris Appleton told Drew Barrymore that he and Lukas Gage were “very happy” and “very much in love” on The Drew Barrymore Show, Gage has echoed that sentiment – and more.

Appearing on the Today show with NBC News, anchor Dylan Dreyer complimented Gage’s hair, before asking what Appleton, who has styled the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, would make of it.

“Your hair has been looking phenomenal; we actually have Chris Appleton on at the end of the week – what do you think he would think of your hair?” asked Dreyer.

“I think this mane needed to be tamed,” Gage replied, before cheekily quipping: “I also needed to be tamed.”

“I feel very happy, very lucky and very much in love,” he added.

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And after being shown photos of the couple on their globe-trotting adventures, Gage shared his appreciation for his partner.

“That is a good looking man,” he continued.

“There was just something about being in London, I got a taste of the Brits and couldn’t help myself,” referring to the setting of season four of Netflix’s hit thriller series You. “Can I say that onstage? He’s the best.”

Lukas Gage originally sparked rumours that he was dating Chris Appleton after the pair posted on Instagram. (@chrisappleton1/ Instagram)

Elsewhere in the interview, Gage called You – in which his character was urinated on for sexual gratification – “completely bonkers” and revealed that he’d previously auditioned for Penn Badgley’s central character, Joe.

Gage went on to speak about his role in The White Lotus, in which he was sensationally rimmed by Murray Bartlett, and told the hilarious story of turning up to a party being thrown by his friend only to find that everyone was dressed as characters from the series.

Celebrity hairstylist takes a shirtless picture in the mirror (left) and pictured with partner Lukas Gage, star of The White Lotus and You (right)
British celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton has confirmed he’s dating You star Lukas Gage. (Instagram/Getty)

Gage recently said that he understands “representation and voices that need to be heard”, but doesn’t want to discuss his identity “on anyone’s accord but my own”.

He has previously refused to confirm his sexuality to the public, when one fan tweeted: “If Hollywood can stop hiring non LGBTQIA+ actors like Lukas Gage to play LGBTQIA+ characters, that would be great. He has played four so far. One was enough.”

Gage replied: “U don’t know my alphabet,” and when asked to elaborate he replied “no”, followed by a heart emoji.

Gage also stars in (and wrote) Down Low, an outrageous queer comedy featuring ‘zaddy’ Zach Quinto.

Down Low is currently screening at SXSW Festival with a worldwide release date yet to be announced.

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