Lazy Oaf and ohne have teamed up to release a collection of period pants

Lazy Oaf and ohne have teamed up for a period pant collection.

Lazy Oaf and ohne have teamed up to release a line of period pants “to revolutionise the way you bleed”.

It marks the first British fashion brand and period care partnership and it’s also raising vital funds for Choose Love.

The collaboration sees them combine comfort to remind people “that it’s ok to do nothing on your period”.

The new Lazy Oaf x ohne collection is now available to shop at

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The three-piece, limited edition collection features period pants in Lazy Oaf’s recognisable and iconic prints.

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The prints include Pink Spray Face, Black and White Happy Sad and Leopard Squish Face.

They’re all made from silky soft, plant-based modal and there’s two options of triple-layer absorbent technology to choose from.

This is moderate or super, which both have an odour eliminating finish and leak proof lining.

The pattern of each size has also been tailored to optimise weight distribution, with sizes ranging from four to 30.

They say the collaboration is “the antithesis of those tampon ads showing people being super active on their period”.

Lazy Oaf x ohne collection
The period pants are available in sizes four to 30. (Lazy Oaf x ohne)

“This bespoke collaboration ditches this pressure and instead gives you the green light to cancel your pub plans and instead lay about on the sofa in your ohne x Lazy Oaf pants.

“Because rest is important at every stage of your cycle, especially for people who experience pain and discomfort, and taking the time to stay in and slow down when you’re bleeding isn’t laziness, it’s rest,” they add.

It’s also been confirmed that for every pair of pants sold, another will be donated to Choose Love in the fight against period poverty, who will distribute these to refugees and people experiencing displacement.

To shop the Lazy Oaf x ohne collection head to

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