9 of the most hilarious yet underrated Drag Race exit lines ever: From Jaymes Mansfield to Tia Kofi

A composite image featuring Jaymes Mansfield, Tia Kofi, Stephanie Prince, Thorgy Thor and Irene Duboir.

On a March day in 2018, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo did something special: she revolutionised the RuPaul’s Drag Race exit line.

Mere moments after the Drag Race fandom heard the words “Miss Vanjie” three times, the Internet was awash with memes, merch and demands for her to make a big return. The following year, in season 11, she did. 

Ever since then, the exit line a Drag Race star chooses can massively boost their chances of longevity after the show has aired – particularly if they’re an early out.

Take Drag Race UK’s Sminty Drop, for example – she will forever be known for her solemn goodbye twerk. Or Canada’s Drag Race star Jimbo; by falling to the floor and screaming during her exit, she immediately secured her spot on Drag Race UK vs The World.

As Drag Race season 15 comes to an end, here’s a look back at some of the very best – but often overlooked – exit lines in the show’s history.

Tia Kofi

Drag Race UK season two fan favourite Tia Kofi was best known for her hilarious confessionals and extremely adequate green dress, but her best moment? Her elimination.

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Following her poor performance as Mel B in Snatch Game, Tia lost the lip sync against eventual winner Lawrence Chaney. When asked to sashay away, she replied: “Are you sure? I’ve got no plans.”

With Tia Kofi rumoured to be competing on the upcoming Drag Race UK vs The World 2 series, let’s hope she delivers that exit line goods once again – that is, of course, unless she takes the crown (fingers crossed).

Jaymes Mansfield

Season nine alum and rumoured All Stars 8 contestant Jaymes Mansfield was a comedy queen who let the magnitude of her castmates – or her inner saboteur, as RuPaul would say – get the better of her.

We may not have seen much from her on season nine, due to her being eliminated first, but her exit line was truly one of the season’s best.

It’s quick-witted, simple, and evidence that the funny was bubbling away under the nerves the whole time.

“I came in first!,” she squealed, heading off stage.

Santana Sexmachine

One of the most recent girlies to be added to the ever-expanding roster of Drag Race queens, Santana Sexmachine had evidently taken notes on how to deliver a truly gagworthy exit line.

Santana Sexmachine was, until 1 April, a contestant on Drag Race Sverige. As with most of the international seasons, it’s not hosted by RuPaul. On the Swedish version, drag queen Robert Fux takes on presenting duties.

As Santana Sexmachine sashayed away, she casually turned to the judging panel and said: “You know what they say … Only RuPaul can judge me.”

Cue the rest of the cast picking their jaws up off the floor.

Just May

Drag Race UK’s Just May was another queen who came in first, sashaying away because RuPaul and the rest of the judging panel didn’t understand how gloriously camp her dragged up version of the Eastenders Queen Vic bust was.

As the Geri Halliwell impersonator left the stage, she simply turned towards the judges, raised two fingers, and told them to “Get f***ed”. Very British, very iconic behaviour.

Thorgy Thor

When it comes to exit lines, Thorgy Thor’s “ugh Jesus, gross…” on All Stars 3 is one of the franchise’s most memorable. Yet her parting message on her original season, season eight, is arguably better.

Following her underwhelming lip sync performance against the late, great Chi Chi Devayne, Thorgy left the competition exactly how she entered it, as the chaotic comedy queen, with this perfect one-liner: “Witty catchphrase, you know what I mean?”

Irene Dubois

The best exit line of Drag Race season 15 was again delivered by the first eliminated queen, in this case, Irene DuBois. 

Thanks to her criminally good runway looks, which she’s been sharing every week online since her departure, a fair few fans are calling for an Irene Dubois renaissance. Her final line on the runway only supports the calls for a return.

“Well, I may not have won the crown…” she said before just, well, walking off stage. An All Stars comedy queen in the making.

Stephanie Prince

Canada’s Drag Race season two star Stephanie Prince returned for Drag Race Canada vs. The World at the end of 2022, but her stint was doomed from the start.

Up against the likes of winner Icesis Couture and All Stars 6 favourite Rajah O’Hara, it seemed unlikely that she would snatch the crown.

However, she didn’t leave the competition without putting her stamp on it. She brought several stunning runways, and left the series with this simple yet brilliant remark: “I … have no exit line.” Love.

Scarlett Harlett

Scarlett Harlett’s tenure on Drag Race UK season three was a chaotic rollercoaster. She wowed the judges with her campsite couture and bagged a win, and then messed up her girl group verse perhaps more than any other queen on the franchise.

While she crashed out of the competition following her lipsync against the incomparable Vanity Milan, it wasn’t all bad. Jokingly storming to the back of the stage, she departed by making reference to an iconic Eastenders scene.

“Ru, you always said being on Drag Race is like being in one big happy family, so I’ve got one last thing to say to you: YOU AIN’T MY MUVVA!”

Yara Sofia

Being eliminated from Drag Race must be a difficult feeling, especially when it’s just not your time to leave. On All Stars 6, for instance, Yara Sofia was easily a contender for the finale, but ended up leaving, undeservedly, in 10th place.

Instead of combing through ideas for a smart exit line, she told the girls exactly how she felt: “F**k you all!”

While the producers may have tried to make it look shady, anyone who knows Yara Sofia will be sure she said it with her tongue firmly in her cheek, and that’s why we love her.