Barbie fans are going wild for one epic moment from the new trailer: ‘We’ve waited 20 years’

A new Barbie trailer has dropped, gagging fans once again. (YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures)

The Barbie movie is looming over us like a big, baby pink solar eclipse, with the full-length trailer now out in the world. In this trailer, though, there’s one moment in particular that has fans quaking and shaking.

In the nearly three-minute long look into Greta Gerwig’s new flick, we see lead Barbie, played by Neighbours actress Margot Robbie, as she sets the scene for a “giant, blow-out party with all the Barbies, planned choreography, and a bespoke song”. 

The bespoke song, presumably, is Dua Lipa’s new single Dance The Night from the film’s upcoming soundtrack.

At her home disco, Margot Robbie’s Barbie swiftly goes from dancing to deliberating her own death, much to the shock of all the other Barbies (played by a staggering cast list that includes Emma Mackey, Issa Rae, and Kate McKinnon).

Post-party, we learn that something is amiss in Barbieland, as Robbie’s Barbie discovers her showers are now cold, she can no longer graciously float from her roof to the ground every morning, and – most upsettingly – her heeled feet are now flat. 

As Doctor Barbie, played by trans actress Hari Nef, puts it: “FLAT FEET!”

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It’s truly the worst thing that could possibly happen to our plastic, fantastic protagonist. 

Barbie must head to the so-called real world, which looks absolutely terrible, in order to find out why things seem to be going wrong in Barbieland. Accompanied by the OG Ken, played by a platinum blonde, endearingly dumb Ryan Gosling, Barbie ends up causing mayhem, mischief and madness on planet earth.

The film looks camp as Christmas from start to finish, and the gays are clawing the walls as they wait for it to open in cinemas. Though there’s one particular second that has everyone positively shaking in their boots.

Right at the end of the trailer, as the brief credits appear on screen, a remix of Aqua’s 1997 dance anthem “Barbie Girl” can be heard, alongside the unmistakable voice of the music industry’s own Barbie Girl, Nicki Minaj.

“It’s Barbie b***h, if you still in doubt,” the “Starships” hitmaker says, as the clip fades out. 

Yesterday (25 May), fans learnt that the Barbie movie would be released alongside a soundtrack that is as crammed full with stars as the film itself. Alongside the lead single from Dua Lipa, artists including queer favourites Nicki Minaj, breakthrough rapper Ice Spice, Charli XCX and Lizzo feature on the tracklist, somehow making the film even gayer.

Oh, and Ryan Gosling himself will have a track on the album, too. 

Shortly after the trailer dropped, it became clear that Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice would be teaming up for the remix of Aqua’s campy club classic, with LGBTQ+ fans quickly moving into meltdown mode.

“OK! Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice doing Barbie Girl with Aqua for the Barbie movie. I might actually explode,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “The iconic moment they made with this! I’m so ready.”

“Oh my God, this movie is coming to be the movie of the century,” a second shrieked.

A third simply added: “This is the best day of my life.”

According to the official track list, the “Barbie Girl” remix will feature Aqua themselves, which is particularly impressive considering the band’s record label was sued by Barbie manufacturer Mattel in 1997, shortly after the song’s release.

Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig – healing bonds and making movie magic in one foul swoop.

Barbie lands in cinemas on 21 July. The soundtrack is released on the same day.

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