Angry Birds praised for adorably simple pronoun explainer: ‘Thank you for fostering respect’

Angry Birds

A straightforward pronoun explainer has flown the nest to a warm reception from the most unexpected of places – video game franchise Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds franchise can only be described as a cultural phenomenon. First launched in 2009, the Finnish puzzle/action game has garnered billions of downloads worldwide and introduced the globe to an adorable cast of feathered friends on their quest to steal their eggs back from the evil pigs. Gripping stuff.

With spin-offs including a sequel, two Star Wars-based flings and a double bill of films based on the brand (starring Nicki Minaj), Angry Birds has become a hugely popular IP.

What most people won’t associate with the brand, though, is a gentle but firm lesson in how to use pronouns; something that most conservatives seem to consistently have issues with.

“Personal pronouns are just nouns you can use to refer to people instead of their names!” the Facebook post on the game’s official account read, as it began to explain the concept of respectful pronoun usage.

“Lots of languages have gendered pronouns so sometimes it’s worth specifying what pronouns work for you!” the post continued. “(Fun fact: Finnish doesn’t have gendered pronouns! Hän on vain hän!)”

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The same graphic was posted on Twitter, displaying the characters of Stella, Red and a third character under their respective pronouns.

The PSA ended with some sound guidance on how to navigate pronouns in the real world:

“If you’re not sure what pronouns to use for someone, you can always ask! and if you slip up and use the wrong ones, it’s not the end of the world. Just apologise, correct yourself, and continue with your great conversation.”

It really is that simple, folks.

Many comments underneath both the Facebook and Twitter versions of the post have been delightfully positive, with many thanking the page for “fostering respect” surrounding the conversation.

“Thank you Angry Birds for breaking it down so well, and for giving us a language lesson too!” one user wrote on Facebook. Another added that they wonder if “it’s really just Americans who get so worked up about this”.

“Someone’s pronouns could be giraffe/television and I couldn’t care less and would happily refer to them as that because it doesn’t affect me one jot but makes them happy,” another fan wrote. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend calling a non-binary pal ‘giraffe/television’, the intent is correct.

“Angry Birds is consistently doing more for us than anyone tbh,” one Twitter user posted.

Of course, where there is polite conversation and the request for basic respect, there are also conservatives calling queer people “groomers” and ranting about a children’s game going “woke.”

One particularly furious Twitter user, who is allegedly “President Trump’s favourite author” and has the phrase “Alpha Male” in his username, wrote: “I just deleted Angry Birds off my phone. I’m calling for a full BOYCOTT of Rovio Entertainment and all things Angry Birds!”

Personally, we’re not sure Angry Birds will survive that blow.

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