Kylie Minogue’s ‘Padam Padam’ scores first US top 40 in almost 20 years, and fans are going wild

Kylie Minogue is officially going to Las Vegas. (Getty/The Venetian Las Vegas)

With so many memes, hype tweets and repeat plays from the festival scene to clubland, it’s not surprising that Kylie Minogue’s latest bop “Padam Padam” has been a runaway success.

But what Kylie might not have seen coming is just how well the track would do across the pond. 

For the first time in 20 years, Kylie Minogue has landed a spot in the US top 40, and it’s all thanks to the red PVC magic of “Padam Padam”.

With the announcement made on Monday (14 August), fans were quick to share their thoughts on why this Minogue track is particularly irresistible.

“The gay impact needs to be studied,” one fan said, while another added: “Other pop girlies wish they could have this longevity.”

Another fan said: “She’s deserved to have more hits in the US like she does in the rest of the world,” with the likes of Hits Radio commenting that “Padam Padam” is their “sound of the summer”.

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The fan reaction to “Padam Padam” has shown no signs of slowing down since the song’s release in May, with Queen Kylie herself picking out the best of the best on TikTok.

US fans have gone on to create dance routines in full costume, though others can’t work out why Padam fever has been so delayed – despite Kylie making her return on American Idol.


#duet with @brookieandjessie This dance, paDAM! ❤️ The shades were a must. Love it Brookie and Jessie! ❤️ #dance #padampadam

♬ Padam Padam – Kylie Minogue

One fan tweet reads “Heard ‘Padam Padam’ on US radio for the first time … took long enough.”

Twitter users and Kylie stans such as Riley Jacob have hilariously made Padam their own, taking it to the gardens of US condos in full drag.

The US success of “Padam Padam” goes hand in hand with Kylie’s recently announced Las Vegas residency, with the billing having already been described as a “mecca for gay people”. 

American fans are already hyped, with the residency selling out just hours after tickets went on sale. 

One Minogue-head who did manage to get tickets tweeted: “I HATE Las Vegas with a passion, and members of Al-Kylieda (Kylie’s die-hard stans) really make me sick. But Kylie Minogue may be the one who gets me to travel to Las Vegas just to see her show.”

Though fans hear Padam and they know (just how good it is), the single marks the leading track from Kylie’s hotly anticipated 16th album release, titled Tension

The full album is expected to drop on 22 September.