Married At First Sight’s Ella Morgan brutally rips apart Tory anti-trans rhetoric: ‘They are the biggest problem’

Married At First Sight’s trans star Ella Morgan poses with her back to the camera while wearing a shiny black dress at the PinkNews awards

Married At First Sight UK trans icon Ella Morgan has brutally condemned the Tories as the “biggest threat” to the LGBTQ+ community.

The clinical consultant made history as MAFS UK’s first-ever trans bride. She stole the hearts of reality TV show fans and the trans community with her open, honest conversations about her identity on the programme. 

Morgan reciprocated that love she’s received from trans fans during an interview on the PinkNews Awards carpet Wednesday (18 October). The MAFS UK star implored trans people to stay “fabulous” and “don’t give up” amid an onslaught of hate perpetuated by the Conservative Party. 

“My message to the trans community is don’t give up, be fabulous, be you, and don’t ever listen to the s**t people say”, she said. 

“The biggest threat to the LGBT community is probably the Tory party, the Conservatives, anyone that votes Conservative.”

She added: “They are the biggest problem with our community, but I don’t want [us] to ever give up.”

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There has been an enthusiastic promotion of anti-trans positions in the Conservative Party in recent months, marking an intensification of the current government’s so-called ‘war on woke’

Just in the last few weeks alone, the prime minister said people are being “bullied” into believing that “people can be any sex they want to be”

Sunak doubled down on his anti-trans comments by claiming that misgendering trans folks is “common sense” because people “can’t ignore the fundamental facts of biology”

Home secretary Suella Braverman backed plans to ban trans women from female hospital wards, saying trans women have “no place” in such wards or “any safe space” for women. 

Ella Morgan added that she’s not “scared by all of this scaremongering” that bigoted politicians have used to attack the trans community because she knows there’s “enough of us now and allies” to bring down any anti-trans legislation pushed by the Tories. 

‌”I know there’s enough of us to break that down and make it not happen,” Morgan said. 

“I don’t want any young trans boys or girls to feel like they’re worried about their future or their life or who they are as a person. 

“Still be you. I will fight as much as I can, and we’ve got amazing people around us who support us.”

Ella Morgan teases Pretty Little Thing collaboration

Beyond the political landscape in the UK, Morgan also briefly spoke about her historic upcoming collaboration with Pretty Little Thing (PLT). 

The UK-based fashion brand is reportedly looking to sign a trans model, and a source revealed to the Daily Mail that Morgan is a “perfect fit” for PLT.

The Married At First Sight UK star said she wasn’t “allowed to say much”, but Ella Morgan implored fans to keep their eyes peeled because “what is coming is going to be very exciting”. 

“It’s amazing to be the first trans representation for a lot of things, and there is something massive that I can’t say, and I’ll be the first trans girl to ever have done it,” Morgan said. “So just wait and see!”

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