Megan Fox pointedly defies actors’ strike guidelines with Kill Bill Halloween costume

Megan Fox (left) and boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly (right) dress as Kill Bill characters for Halloween.

Bisexual Transformers actress Megan Fox has been criticised for defying advice given by the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA in relation to Halloween costumes.

Earlier this month, SAG-AFTRA firmly urged union members to refrain from dressing up as popular film and TV characters, in hope of denying studios and streaming services from getting free publicity.

Hollywood actors are still on strike after talks to secure a deal broke down earlier in October. 

Over the weekend (27 October), Megan Fox appeared to take a stand against the guidelines suggested by the union, sharing a photo of herself dressed as Kill Bill character, Gogo Yubari. Her boyfriend, US rapper Machine Gun Kelly, dressed as Uma Thurman’s lead character, The Bride.

In a seemingly pointed gesture, Fox decided to tag the official SAG-AFTRA Instagram page in her posts.

Some dubbed the move a “complete lack of respect” for actors who are striking, many of whom are not high-profile, and are fighting for long-term pay and consistent employment.

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Abbott Elementary and The Parent Trap star Lisa Ann Walter, who is also on the SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee, was swift to call out Fox’s behaviour.

“What a rebel,” Walter wrote in a post on X. “Keep posturing for stupid s**t, pretty lady. Meanwhile we’ll be working 10 hours a day – unpaid – to get basic contract earners a fair deal.”

In a follow up post, Walter cited several rights that the union has won for actors, including the right to rest for at least ten hours between shoots, and the right to be imbursed for having to relocate to film.

“I bet [Fox] likes turnaround rules and relocation fees and our ongoing battle for AI protections and streaming residuals… the union did that. But sure – s**t on them over nonsense,” Walter wrote.

The actress also took aim at Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, who had sarcastically tore into the SAG-AFTRA Halloween rules on X.

“I look forward to screaming ‘scab’ at my eight-year-old all night. She’s not in the union but she needs to learn,” he joked.

In response, Walters said that “no one cares about kids’ costumes. Just high pros at fancy parties. Like Megan,” and that her comments about actors enjoying the rights won by the SAG-AFTRA union “goes for Ryan Reynolds too”.

Many have jumped to support Walters’ comments and express their disappoint in Fox, with one social media user declaring: “If she didn’t campaign for it, she shouldn’t benefit when her next payday rolls around. Simple.”

“I don’t know why it’s the people who haven’t been on the [picket] lines or putting in the work during this strike that think they have the right to complain,” said a second.

Some, however, were quick to support Megan Fox and Ryan Reynolds, suggesting that Halloween isn’t about promotion, rather just a bit of fun.

“I never understood the correlation between dressing up for Halloween and the actors’ strike. SAG-AFTRA is kind of overstepping a little bit,” one person wrote.