Dixie D’Amelio shuts down boob job speculation

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio has shut down speculation by fans that she had a boob job. 

The 22-year-old showed off her Queen of Hearts halloween costume – complete with a corset and crown made of playing cards – on social media on 29 October. 

After posting a video of the creative outfit one fan commented, in all caps, “WHERE DID THOSE COME FROM”. 

This led the influencer to post a second video, putting the speculation to bed that she had cosmetic surgery. 

“This comment is referring to my boobs,” she addressed the camera, “I’ve got a couple of comments like that. 

“The truth is, I was on my period and that’s what happens.”

In response to a comment from another TikTok user saying they “wish” that happened to them as they “just started this year for me for some reason but im not complaining”, D’Amelio clarified the change “just started this year for me for some reason but I’m not complaining”. 

A number of fans pointed out how inappropriate of the original commenter to make remarks about D’Amelio’s body, saying it was “ridiculous” and she should not have to justify her breast size to anyone. 

Others said that they did not actually know breasts can swell and increase in size during the menstrual cycle, and so found the new information insightful. 

“The week before I get mine I always am shocked my how much fuller I look. Then sad when it hurts and goes away,” one follower commented, weighing in on the discussion. 

“Omf you’re so real for this bc SAME,” another wrote. 

D’Amelio, the elder sister of Charli D’Amelio, has amassed over 57.5 million followers and 3.3 billion likes on TikTok. This is alongside 24.2 million followers on Instagram, 7.04 million subscribers and 619.12 million views on YouTube.

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