Big Brother’s queer lawyer Jordan new favourite to be crowned winner ahead of final

Big Brother housemates Henry (left), odds-on winner favourite Jordan (centre), and Yinrun (right)

Big Brother housemate Jordan is the bookies’ new favourite to be crowned winner of the series, after his odds shortened rapidly during the final week.

The queer lawyer, 25, has been a hit with viewers for their dry wit, quick one-liners and sarcastic observations about life in house – as well as his central role in Big Brother‘s first queer love triangle.

Following the shock eviction of gay geriatric doctor Matty earlier this week, the public will vote to crown one of the five remaining housemates winner of ITV’s rebooted series during Friday night’s final (17 November).

Ahead of the final, Jordan has leapt into pole position with the bookies, with online bookmakers BetVictor offering 4/6 odds that he’ll exit the Big Brother house as the winner.

Big Brother UK housemate Jordan in his promotional photo.
Big Brother UK housemate Jordan is currently favourite to win the series. (ITV)

Trailing him are Olivia, with odds of 3/1, and Yinrun, with odds of 9/2.

Despite briefly being the bookies’ favourite to win earlier in the week, Jordan’s love interest and ‘gay Tory’ Henry has dropped down to fourth place, with odds of 7/1.

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Meanwhile, Noky is the firm outsider heading into Friday’s final, with long odds of 40/1 to win.

Friday’s final will be the first in Big Brother history to consist solely of queer and female housemates.

Sam Boswell, spokesperson of BetVictor, said: “Henry has been leading the market for the last week, but now Jordan is the frontrunner to win at 4/6. His odds have improved massively since Tuesday, when he was priced at 10/1. He has been his witty self for the duration of the show, with great one-liners, and now he’s backed to go all the way.”

    “Olivia has emerged as our second favourite to win at 9/4. When the market first opened, she was priced up at 20/1, but now she’s behind Jordan’s tail at 3/1. She has been one of the best housemates – she has provided comedy, drama, vulnerability and owned her mistakes.”

    “Yinrun had been the favourite to win since the first day until this week when Henry knocked her off, and now Jordan and Olivia have. She’s not as popular with the punters now and has drifted significantly to 9/2.”

    “Henry’s odds have ended up much shorter than his initial 25/1 early in the series. He was our favourite to win earlier in the week, but now he’s drifted again at 7/1. His bromance with Jordan has taken the main stage throughout the series, as the pair have been inseparable.”

    “Our rank outsider is Noky at odds of 40/1 – she was 100/1 to win at the start of the month, but we still don’t think she will win.”

    Front-runner Jordan’s will-they, won’t they romance with self-described “royalist” and Boris Johnson fan Henry led to one viewer branding the series as “gay tory love island”.

    In a historic series for LGBTQ representation, evicted 18-year-old housemate Hallie previously made headlines for bravely coming out as trans to the house and was widely praised by fans for expressing her identity “loud and clear”. 

    The youth worker told her housemates: “I thought I’d let everyone know I’m trans, if you didn’t know already. I just thought I’d make that loud and clear. I’m a trans woman if you didn’t know.”

    She explained that she came out to the house as she didn’t feel she was being “100 per cent authentic in myself.”

    How can you vote for a winner in the Big Brother final?

    Big Brother fans will be able to vote for their preferred winner via the official Big Brother app, which allows users to cast up to five votes.

    The Big Brother live final airs tonight at 9pm on ITV1 in the UK.