Drag Race UK vs the World queens name their biggest competition: ‘She’s such a threat’

As the race for the title of Queen of the Mother-Tucking World begins once more, the international cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World season two have teased who their biggest competition for the crown is.

Speaking exclusively to PinkNews at Drag Con UK, the eleven-queen-strong cast, which includes four Drag Race UK girlies, some triple alumni from the show’s flagship US version and the first ever French contestant on an international spinoff, dish on who would be putting up the toughest fight for the win.

Plus, for the first time in Drag Race UK herstory, the queens will be competing for a cash prize this season – so the stakes are higher than ever.

Here, queens share who they were keeping one eye on when they entered the workroom

Marina Summers – Drag Race Philippines, season one

“When I first met the girls, I knew right away that Keta Minaj was going to be a threat. Because I’ve seen her original season.

“She’s such a threat and she just does great drag. But I knew right away that I was going to be the prettiest.”

Choriza May – Drag Race UK, season three

UK vs. The World pick the best of each country – clearly – so I was very intimidated by La Grande Dame. She’s fierce.

“Marina I was very intimidated by, and Mayhem Miller. She’s an icon. I’m a fan! Some of these queens we look up to!

Scarlet Envy – RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 and All Stars 6

“La Grande Dame is so beautiful – I actually did Fashion Photo Ruview for her season, Drag Race France.”

Jonbers Blonde – Drag Race UK, season four

“For me, I love Hannah Conda. She’s very funny, she has a very good aura, and I just drew straight to her. But I knew were very similar.”

Hannah Conda – Drag Race Down Under, season two

“Competition was Tia [Kofi]. I adored her when she was on her season, loved her to bits. And then I’ve seen what she’s been doing and she’s a workhorse, she gets out, she’s doing it – the glow-up is real. I freaked out.

“But then also Marina from the Philippines. Perfection.”

Gothy Kendoll – Drag Race UK, season one

“La Grande Dame. She’s just the most perfect drag queen I’ve ever met in my life. She’s so good.”

La Grande Dame – Drag Race France, season one

“Half of them I didn’t know! No, that’s not true. I mean, Scarlett [and Mayhem], the American girls, they’re competitive ladies, they go for it. So that’s always a little scary.

“We are known in France that our season was known to be friendly, so I was a little scared of that. But hey, sometimes I’m the mean one.”

Arantxa Castilla La Mancha – Drag Race España, season one

“Oh for sure Tia Kofi! I’m a goofball, she’s a goofball, and you know – when we bumped into each other it was insane.

“This season is gonna be great. Lots of laugh. You’re not ready for this.”

Drag Race UK vs The World premieres at 9pm on BBC Three on 9 February and will be available on iPlayer in the UK.

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