9-1-1 stars tease gay romance between fan favourite characters

Edmundo "Eddie" Diaz (Ryan Guzman) and Evan "Buck" Buckley (Oliver Stark) in 9-1-1. (Fox)

Queer fans of Ryan Murphy’s emergency services drama 9-1-1 are losing their minds as two popular characters  – Edmundo “Eddie” Diaz and Evan “Buck” Buckley – are potentially about to enter into a gay relationship.

The ABC procedural drama, which follows Los Angeles’ police officers, firefighters and paramedics as they save local residents from perilous situations, has garnered a staunch LGBTQ+ following since it began in 2018.

While the show’s queer followers tune in for some of its iconic stars – including Angela Bassett, Connie Britton, and Jennifer Love Hewitt – they’re also pining for a long-awaited gay romance.

9-1-1 has featured a few queer characters in its time, including Henrietta Wilson (Aisha Hinds) and former lead character Michael Grant (Rockmond Dunbar), but there are two character in particular that LGBTQ+ fans are dying to see get together.

Evan “Buck” Buckley (Oliver Stark) and Edmundo “Eddie” Diaz (Ryan Guzman), shipped together by fans as “Buddie”, are both portrayed as straight friends, but their closeness has fans wanting to see them become an item.

And finally, it might be happening.

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Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Guzman said that the current seventh season, which started airing last week (14 March), will see “something new” for the pair’s relationship.

“We are closer than ever this season. I can only tease that. There’s a lot of changes in the relationship, in how we interact,” he said, coyly.

“We’re trying to give the audience what they want.”

What the audience wants is to see Buck and Eddie exploring each other’s bodies, so, we’ll see.

Stark offered a little more on what fans can expect from the potentially gay development in their friendship, explaining that “they get to show up for each other in different ways”.

Take from that what you will.

“They’re moving forward,” Stark continued.

“There is almost potential for things to come up in a not-so-great light but we get to see their friendship persevering and them being there in ways that they didn’t necessarily excerpt for each other. I just think it’s a really lovely journey for them this season.”

While it’s not absolute confirmation that the friends will become more than just that, this is a Ryan Murphy show we’re talking about, so it’s not outside of the realm of possibility.

Plus, 9-1-1 fans have absolutely ran with the tease, and if peer pressure is real, Murphy will potentially see no way of avoiding the plot twist.

“I’m usually not a big believer in Buddie ever becoming canon but these interviews are getting to me,” wrote one fan on social media.

“Did he really just say ‘we’re trying to get the audience what they want’ when they’re well aware of what we want,” a second questioned.

“SO THEY KISS?!? THEY GET TOGETHER PLEASE I NEED ANSWERS,” begged a third, very stressed fan.

9-1-1 continues weekly on Thursdays on ABC.