Red, White & Royal Blue sequel confirmed with Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakar-Perez returning

Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine as Alex Claremont Diaz and Prince Henry in Red, White & Royal Blue.

Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakar-Perez are officially returning for a Red, White & Royal Blue sequel.

After months of non-committal responses to fan demands for a sequel, director Matthew López finally announced a follow-up at a screening of the queer rom-com last night (9 May) in Los Angeles, to a rapturous crowd response.

He shared a teaser image for the eagerly anticipated sequel, featuring a slab of cake, a reference to one of the most infamous scenes in the original film, alongside the caption: “Fancy another slice?”

Red, White & Royal Blue became one of Prime Video’s most successful rom-coms to-date when it dropped on the streaming service last August, largely thanks to the original 2019 book by Casey McQuiston already having a mammoth fanbase.

The novel and film follow British royal Prince Henry (Nicholas Galitzine) and Alex (Taylor Zakar Perez), the son of the US president (Uma Thurman), as they go from petulant rivals to steamy secret lovers.

After the pair are involved in a scuffle at an event which ends with them on the floor and covered in cake, they’re forced to spend time together and pretend to the world’s press that they’re the best of friends.

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As their lives become increasingly intertwined, they realise that they like each other a lot more than they could have ever expected, and promptly begin a hot romance. Yet a gay royal being in a relationship with a huge US political figure evidently has consequences.

The second film will be written by López, alongside McQuiston. McQuiston will also come on board as the executive producer.

Red, White & Royal Blue: All the major changes between the book and the film adaptation (Prime Video)
Red, White & Royal Blue was based on a 2019 novel by Casey McQuiston. (Prime Video)

What will the Red, White & Royal Blue sequel be about?

There is currently no confirmed storyline for the sequel, but original author Casey McQuiston has previously teased some potential plot ideas. Plus, there’s an extended version of the original novel with a storyline that doesn’t feature in the original film.

The original novel ends with Henry and Alex beginning their new lives together, as Alex’s mother begins her second term as US president. Yet a 2022 re-release of the book includes a bonus chapter which jumps several years into the future.

During the time jump, which is narrated from Henry’s perspective, Alex is beginning a career in law while Henry has abdicated from all potential of him becoming king, favouring a life of charity work and cooking at home. The pair are engaged, living in Texas.

As some fans have suggested, a follow up could also focus on Alex’s deciding to follow in his mother’s footsteps and running as a big political candidate, introducing a queer family into the White House.

Red, White & Royal Blue is streaming now on Prime Video.