Call of Duty celebrates Pride with free LGBTQ+ flag skins for your weapons: ‘COD is for everyone’

The Call of Duty Pride Month pride skins: one gun with the lesbian flag and another with the trans flag

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Warzone players can celebrate Pride Month with free LGBTQ+ community skins.

Activision, the company that publishes Call of Duty, is releasing seven new weapon camos, a sticker and a charm that are all rainbow-themed.

The military first-person shooter video game franchise allows players to control an infantry soldier in combat during World War II, the Cold War, and the future.

Call of Duty is for everyone, and we’re proud to celebrate Pride Month by offering seven different Weapon Camo variants, each representing the colors of the different LGBTQ+ flags. Available as a free Gift Pack, find them in the Store in a single bundle.”

The Pride Month celebration sees Activision join one of many organisations in the gaming world that take part in incentivising LGBTQ+ players. 

In 2021, a Call of Duty update halfway through Pride Month allowed players to nab eight Pride flags that represent a wide spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community.

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In 2020, the game provided players with a non-binary gender option, it was an update after users could list their custom character’s gender as male, female, or “classified”.

Some are pleased with the new Call of Duty addition, welcoming the flags even though they are really a token gesture. 

“It amuses me how many people in this thread are afraid of colors,” one user replied to the announcement.

As is somewhat expected sadly, the reaction to the update has been mixed as the Call of Duty community is not renowned for its LGBTQ+ support or allyship.

Some toxic players have emerged from their shadows claiming the update is “pushing an agenda” and threatening to leave the game. 

Call of Duty is no stranger to homophobia with popular streamers being caught using homophobic slurs when streaming the game. 

In 2023, player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin apologised for spitting a homophobic slur in a heated exchange with a teammate where he said they “suck d**k” before branding them a “f****t”.

Earlier in the same year, gamer Nickmercs’ Call of Duty bundle was removed from the game store due to his tweet about anti-LGBTQ+ protesters attacking queer people and allies outside a school.

What are the Pride Month Call of Duty skins?

The new Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone skins provide players with the ability to decorate their weapons with LGBTQ+ flags, rainbows, glitter, and more. 

Call of Duty Pride Month skins include the traditional Pride flag, the bisexual Pride flag, the lesbian Pride flag, the non-binary Pride flag, the pansexual Pride flag, the transgender Pride flag and the asexual Pride flag.

How to redeem the Pride Month Call of Duty skins?

To claim these Pride Month skins, head to the Call of Duty store, locate the Free Gift Pack and click redeem.

These skins will then be ready to download and equip onto the gamer’s combat instruments.

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