Troye Sivan drops new track with Ariana Grande

Troye Sivan and Jacob Bixenman

Troye Sivan has just dropped a new track called “Dance to This,” featuring Ariana Grande.

The song is the latest be taken Australian-South African singer’s upcoming album Bloom.

The pair had been teasing the track on social media for the past few days.

Tagging Sivan, Grande wrote on Twitter: “I’m so honored to be on this record w my dear friend and pop king.”


Grande and Sivan have been posting about the track on Twitter. (ArianaGrande/Twitter)

Sivan, meanwhile, has posted a series of tweets, including: “HAPPY DANCE TO THIS DAY,” and: “Can’t believe it’s finally here. I’m so excited for you guys to hear the bridge of this song lol.”

Sivan opens the pop-driven track, which includes heavy beats and melodic guitars, before taking the first chorus on his own.

Grande then sings the second verse, before the pair duet on the chorus together.

The new song is taken from Sivan’s second album Bloom. (troyesivan/Twitter)

Lyrics include: “Under the kitchen lights / You still look like dynamite,” and: “We can just dance to this / Push up on my body.”


Sivan recently said that his song “Bloom” is all about being on the receiving end of gay sex.

Shortly after the video trended at number one on Twitter, Sivan posted on Twitter using the hashtag #BopsBoutBottoming.

The singer has now deleted the tweet, but fans made the hashtag their own, sending both the song and #BopsBoutBottoming trending on the platform.


Sivan’s song “Bloom” is about gay sex.
(YouTube/Troye Sivan Vevo)

The lyrics to “Bloom” include the line: “Take a trip into my garden, I’ve got so much to show ya.”

The song’s pre-chorus continues: ”I need you to tell me right before it goes down / Hold my hand if I get scared now / Take a second, baby, slow it down.”

The pop star came out in two YouTube videos back in 2013, telling his fans “I want you guys to know.”

“This is not something I’m ashamed of, and this is not something anyone should have to be ashamed of,” he added.

“I know this could change everything for me, but it shouldn’t have to, and this is why I’m making this video.”

Sivan has been a very public advocate for LGBT rights, winning a GLAAD award for outstanding music artist in 2016. In 2017, he received another GLAAD distinction, the Stephen F. Kolzak Award in 2017, which honours members of the media or entertainment industry’s efforts to fight homophobia.

“This award is so much larger than me,” he said in his acceptance speech.

“This moment is about visibility and about representation […] So much of the work that has contributed to our progress as a community is far less glamorous than the work that I’m being honoured for tonight.”

Sivan went on to honour the work of other LGBT activists like Peter Staley, Bayard Rustin and Gilbert Baker.

The singer has recently discussed how he cried upon realising he was attracted to men.

I remember I cried when I realised that I thought Zac Efron was really hot. I cried. And felt really sick,” said Sivan in the June edition of Attitude magazine.

He also opened up about dating as a gay teen, a somewhat “predatory” experience in a “hypersexualised” environment.