Of course, the internet is at war over the Drag Race UK winner

Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne and runner-up Divina De Campo

Drag Race UK found its first-ever winner, baby, and the internet naturally had feelings.

When historians try to pin point the exact moment that our nation changed irrevocably, they won’t look to Brexit or any general election, but to the night that RuPaul crowned The Vivienne the UK’s First Drag Race Superstar.

It was the shock result that divided a nation, with Divina De Campo fans lamenting that their queen had been the victim of a vicious robbery.

i can’t believe the vivienne won. my girl divina was ROBBED #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/AnPL8FmnD5

— kaysie (@kaysiemay7) November 21, 2019

divina was ROBBED. I said what I said. #RuPaulsDragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/GgAwlOuubs

You may like to watch

— ✨c (@buteraangeIs) November 21, 2019

When Divina is upside down half of the performance but the judges say the Vivienne “sold it” more#DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/FYrNhJIDk8

— Lαuren (@gandy_lauren) November 21, 2019

Very quickly, camp Divina through all five stages of grief: Denial

Bullshit. ?? #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/q8M7Bf1BSy

— Andrew (@tomorrowlandrew) November 21, 2019


RuPaul : The winner of Drag Race UK is … The Vivienne..

Me: cancelling my TV licence #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/879CIpPMZj

— Luke Robinson (@mrlukerobinson) November 21, 2019


Me showing up at rupaul’s house begging him to change the result #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/v2VNOvwdbr

— olivia (@OliviaRobson) November 21, 2019


when someone asks me what i thought of who won at work tomorrow #dragraceuk pic.twitter.com/K7keGrLdvN

— rishika (@rish_0) November 21, 2019

And finally… acceptance?

I’m sorry, Divina not being crowned winner tho #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/GckJdn1t2l

— Erin (@erinloucoops) November 21, 2019

Meanwhile, team The Vivienne were elated that their queen had snatched the crown.

Shed a tear when The Vivienne won. I was rooting for her since the beginning, to see her ups and downs and learn about her journey, and to see all her hard work pay off, I just loved it. #DragRaceUK pic.twitter.com/RzcNixMO0I

— Lana Del Banana ‎⍟ (@velmas_glasses) November 22, 2019

It’s only right that the first UK winner of Drag Race is a scouser #DragRaceUK #thevivienne pic.twitter.com/8BWt8by6pf

— —- (@darkntwisty_) November 21, 2019

It’s Alaska v Katya all over again. Divina & Katya are amazing, but Alaska and The Vivienne were better. Sorry bout it. They’re all going to have success, so wipe those bitter tears and let @THEVIVIENNEUK bask in her glory! It’s what she deserves. #DragRaceUK #teamthevivienne pic.twitter.com/9YEDiO5tyD

— Courtney. (@DipDipDogShit) November 22, 2019

Y’all are really foolish for thinking The Vivienne did not absolutely deserve that fucking win. #dragraceuk #TheVivienne pic.twitter.com/pWZhpZIWyw

— smh ? (@gurlbuhbye) November 22, 2019

Ultimately the best take of the night was that both queens are deserved winners, who contributed to one of the best Drag Race seasons in memory.

In truth, we’ll probably never get a perfect season of Drag Race. There are just too many variables; even my beloved season 5 has weak points.

But #DragRaceUK was pretty fucking close to perfect. pic.twitter.com/muZmBrznYe

— Kevin O’Keeffe ? (@kevinpokeeffe) November 21, 2019

Not gonna lie this top 3 is incredible, and I’ve liked everyone this season. #DragRaceUK is, to me, the best Drag Race season @dragraceukbbc pic.twitter.com/QnSJXNsmF4

— Borja (@borjaswift) November 21, 2019

Now that #DragRaceUK is over, I can tell you how I think it compared to the recent string of US seasons pic.twitter.com/Sm8Wjol6Ts

— James Besanvalle (@JamesBesanvalle) November 21, 2019

Drag Race UK, we have just one thing to say: thank-you, and shantay, you stay.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.