TikTok is raving about this affordable lip oil from Nivea that costs less than £4

TikTok is loving this affordable lip oil from Nivea.

TikTok’s latest obsession is a Nivea Lip Oil that costs less than £4.

The product is going viral on the platform because it’s non-sticky, vegan and gives you instant moisture on your lips – plus it’s affordable.

It’s appeared in plenty of content creator’s videos recently, with some racking up more than 2 million views.

The lip oil, which is less than £4 is available to buy in-store and online at Superdrug.

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The videos on TikTok see creators test out the lip oil – which comes in Rose Glow and Clear Glow – with one captioning their post, “honestly the more I use them them more I love them”.

Another, @saima_shoaib said: “OMG you guys need to try this new Nivea lip oil”, while @missmoosegoose said: “I will never stop talking about these” as they’re their “favourite” combo right now.

@missmoosegoose Trying the Nivea Lip Oil in shade Clear Glow @NIVEA @NIVEA USA @Superdrug #nivea #lipoil #tintedlipbalm #nivealipoil #labello #nivealip ♬ original sound – rennyxaudios

@aliyahlunarose my review/try on of the nivea lip oil #lipoil #nivea ♬ original sound – aliyah

@bethwainwrightt Nivea Lip Oil Review – honestly the more I use them them more I love them #nivea #nivealipoil #lipoil #dupes #dupe #dupefinder #beautydupe ♬ original sound – Beth Wainwright

@saima_shoaib OMG YOU GUYS NEED TO TRY THIS NEW NIVEA LIP OIL #lipoil #nivealipoil #nivea #lips #makeup #trend ♬ BAD CHALLENGE REMIX – D’ FORCE UNLMTD

One TikTok user said, “now this one is a yeah” and plenty of other comments said “I want”.

A number of people were wondering where the lip oil is from and how much it costs.

In the UK, beauty fans can get the Nivea Lip Oil in Rose Glow and Clear Glow from Superdrug, both in-store and online.

Plus the popular product won’t break the bank as it costs less than £4.

TikTok loves Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty blush

TikTok recently hailed a liquid blush from Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty as a summer essential.

The Soft Pinch Liquid Blush is quickly becoming many people’s go-to for a pop colour of the cheeks.

As shown by a number of TikTok users – including creators like Spencer (@paintedbyspencer) and Alissia (@makeupbyalissiac) – you only need a tiny dot at the centre of the cheeks to start.

The blush, which is available from Space NK and Kohl’s can then be blended with your fingertips or a foundation brush and you’re still left with plenty of the product to create your look over and over again.

On the social media platform, one fan commented: “I have the shades Joy and Believe, and they’re so gorgeous…they also look beautiful when they’re blended together”.

While another wrote: “i was just influenced even tho i have too much blush already”.