The Traitors star Amanda Lovett apologises for appearing on GB News: ‘I’m absolutely disgusted’

A promo image from BBC's The Traitors showing contestant Amanda Lovett dressed in black with a black and gold jacket standing in front of a gothic-looking building with two figures standing either side of her wearing green hooded cloaks and having their heads bowed so you can't see their faces

The Traitors‘ Amanda Lovett has apologised to her “new family” after she was called out for appearing on GB News. 

The reality contestant was dubbed a gay icon during her stint on the show but sparked upset after sharing photos with GB News presenters Calvin Robinson and Tatiana Sanchez.

She appeared on the channel alongside fellow contestant Kieran Tompsett.

The news channel and some of its presenters are notorious for their anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-trans views, which many pointed out. 

“I just need to apologise to my new family. I am so annoyed with my agent, I had no idea what the news channel was about. 

“I’m absolutely disgusted to have sat next to a person that doesn’t believe in diversity, equality and being yourself. This will never happen again,” Amanda wrote on Twitter

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Amanda has previously addressed being unofficially adopted by the LGBT community before, saying on Lorraine: “To be called an icon of the gay community is just absolutely fantastic. I am loving the love.”

Mama Dragon fans were particularly aggrieved that she had gone from GB News to the DragCon; a weekend celebrating drag and queer culture. 

“So Amanda from The Traitors went straight from GB News to her booth at DragCon. Girlie really is a traitor,” one person wrote

Another wrote: “If your agent got you onto GB News you need a new agent, that place is for hard right extremists, covid deniers and flat earthers.”

To which Amanda replied: “Totally agree with you I have told them. I am not that type of person, am so upset and cross.”

And added to another commenter: “I apologise I didn’t research it more… I would never want to share a room with someone whose comments I have now seen let alone sit alongside a person like that.”

GB News’ Robinson has a track record of inflammatory comments, saying in November: “To me, a marriage needs a bride and groom, anything else is not holy matrimony.

“These views might seem outdated, old-fashioned, or other-worldly by today’s standards, but they are the official teachings of the church.”

Amanda is not the first gay icon to be caught out by GB News, only weeks ago Kim Woodburn issued an apology after spouting anti-trans criticism

She explained she was “misinterpreted” and “will always be an ally to the community”.

People have flocked to Amanda’s comments to share their support for her. “We love and support a queen who learns and grows,” one person wrote

While another added: “She is brand new to this and a regular person. You can’t expect her to have the same experience and knowledge of what she should or shouldn’t check. 

“She has gone out of her way to show her support for the LGBTQ+ community in interviews, even when unprompted. Give her some grace.”

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