Netflix cancels Dead End: Paranormal Park as fans are mourning yet another queer TV show: ‘A sad day’

Barney, Pugsley and Nora in Dead End: Paranormal Park

Another day, another LGBTQ+ Netflix show bites the dust: This time, it’s animated horror-comedy Dead End: Paranormal Park that has been cancelled by the streaming service.

The series’ queer creator Hamish Steele confirmed the sad news in a statement on Friday (13 January), stating that “the powers that be” had decided to discontinue the show.

“I have held onto this news for a while now, hoping that we could reverse it, change it, make something good out of it. But sadly I don’t think that’s possible right now,” Steele wrote. “It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you Dead End is over.”

“Obviously we never wanted this to be the case. In fact, we did a writers room for Season 3. We have scripts and designs and outlines ready to go,” Steele added. “It was always the plan to give these characters the proper ending they deserve.”

Dead End: Paranormal Park first debuted on Netflix less than a year ago but became an instant hit with fans. The animated series follows trans lead character Barney (voiced by trans actor Zack Barack) and friend Nora as they work in a supernatural theme park, fighting demons and witches along the way.

It ran for two seasons and featured LGBTQ+ stars including Pose‘s MJ Rodrigeuz and legendary drag queen Coco Peru.

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Speaking to PinkNews last year, Steele said that they hoped the show could be a form of support for young trans people.

“I understand that kids’ media can be escapism but it can also be a little beacon to tell people that you’re not alone, and other people are going through what you’re going through,” Steele said.

“I think what I would actually want is the show to be a radio signal to a lot of kids that, actually, a lot of grown-ups are on your side.”

On the left: A headshot of Hamish Steele. On the right: A scene from Dead End: Paranormal Park
Hamish Steele (L) is the creator behind the Netflix show Dead End: Paranormal Park. (Supplied/Netflix)

Dead End fans are naturally devastated, with some suggesting that they will soon cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

“I am THIS CLOSE to unsubscribing from Netflix,” one person wrote. “Cancelling good shows left and right. Keeping the s**tty ones running and ongoing because money. I am f**king done.”

Another wrote: “Hey @netflix wanna tell us why fan favourite shows with diversity keep getting cancelled?”

“Netflix’s merciless axe has taken down one of the shows I love, Dead End: Paranormal Park. This show was ground-breaking in its queer representation and just genuinely funny and well-written,” a third said.

Dead End joins the ever-growing graveyard of queer-centric shows that Netflix has taken the axe to. Just last week, fans were devastated after the “mind-boggling” decision was made to cancel mystery series 1899 after just one season.

Other queer shows killed off by Netflix in the last few months alone include the sapphic-led Warrior Nun, teen drama Fate: The Winx Saga and lesbian vampire drama First Kill.

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