Kamala Harris enrages bigots after sending TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney a beautiful birthday note

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney received a beautiful note from vice-president Kamala Harris congratulating her on a year since she started publicly transitioning – and bigots aren’t pleased.

Mulvaney rose to prominence through TikTok, where she started documenting her transition in her hugely popular “Day X of Being a Girl” series.

Recently, Mulvaney celebrated her 365th day of her transitioning journey with a joyous one-night only cabaret show, ‘Dylan Mulvaney’s Day 365 Live!’, at New York’s iconic Rainbow Room.

After posting about the extravaganza on Instagram, fans and friends of Mulvaney flooded her comments with touching messages of support. But there was one extra special greeting in the mix in the form of a letter from vice-president Kamala Harris, who congratulated her on “living authentically” for the past 365 days as a woman.

“Dear Dylan, I send you my warmest greetings as you celebrate your 365th day of living authentically,” the vice president’s letter began. “Thank you for courageously sharing your story and your journey.”

“I appreciate your continued advocacy for transgender equality, including during your visit to the White House last year. Through your work as an activist and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, you continue to break barriers and inspire young people across our Nation and around the world.”

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Dylan Mulvaney shared the sweet letter that VP Kamala Harris wrote her (@dylanmulvaney/ Instagram)

Harris went on to tell Mulvaney that the fight for trans rights – amid a wave of draconian anti-LGBTQ+ bills sweeping across the US – was far from over.

“Our administration stands with the LGBTQI+ community in the ongoing struggle for true equity and equality and against hate and discrimination in all its forms,” the VP added.

Sadly, although maybe not surprisingly, Mulvaney was bombarded with a barrage of hateful comments from trolls when she shared the letter.

One person commented: “Wow. Where was my letter for being an authentic woman for 11,566 days? The nerve of the VP.”

Another asked: “Could you be a woman without all the attention or would that not have worked for you? a third asked.

And a third said: “You’re 26 years old. You’re not a ‘girl’, you’re a grown adult.”

Other trolls slammed Harris for “erasing women”.

“Shame on you Kamala Harris. Dylan Mulvaney is a disgraceful representation of what a woman is. A complete mockery!!” one Twitter user responded to the news.

Not to be left out, Mail Online posted a story about the letter with the sarcastic headline: Keeping busy Kamala?

Luckily, Mulvaney also received plenty love and support from her fans, including Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness and Paris Hilton, who were on hand to celebrate her journey.

“I can still hear you singing in my head, so beautiful,” Jonathan van Ness wrote, model and heiress Hilton simply wrote: “So proud of you!”

Fellow TikTokers Chris Olsen and Carla Rockmore also showed their support for Mulvaney.

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