Visuals, ballroom and a ‘c**ty news bee’: Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour is her queerest yet

Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour kicked off with giants disco horses, a ball hosted by vogue dancers and the Queen herself dressed as a “c**ty bee” – here are the most gagworthy moments from opening night.

At the risk of impartial journalism: Beyoncé has once again proved that she’s the (alien) superstar of a generation with Renaissance World Tour‘s opening night in Stockholm, Sweden – and from the very first fans entering the arena being greeted with a giant progress Pride flag, she was aided by her queerest concert yet.

From hosting a ball midway through the concert, to sickening costumes – here are the internet’s reactions to the Renaissance World Tour.

The setlist

Beyoncé walked into the Renaissance World Tour setlist meeting and said: “I want to make history,” and that’s what she’s done.

A sickening blend of old favourites, deep cuts, merciful lack of Jay-Z appearances and, of course, every track from the actual Renaissance album.

Fans have been thrilled with the choices, praising everything from the ordering of the tracks to the selection itself.

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The set design

The set design of the Renaissance World Tour has also been a hot talking point – from a progress Pride flag-inspired technical difficulty to an actual giant disco horse known affectionately as ‘Reneigh’, it’s clear that Beyoncé has pulled out all the stops.

That’s not to mention the gigantic version of Reneigh that appears on stage, the news station set or the robotic arms that she performed “Cozy” with. It’s all just too much.

Beyoncé’s performance of “Summer Renaissance” also involved her mounting Reneigh and flying over the crowd – as one fan put it, the concert is “next f**king level”.

The looks

It comes as no surprise that Beyoncé’s wardrobe has also set the internet alight – on any other artist, the clothes would be wearing her, but not for Queen B.

Decked out in everything in custom McQueen/ Mugler/ Loewe/ Balmain and more, never has a pop superstar looked more sickening.

And, of course, the “c**ty news anchor bee” has stolen the show.

The queerness

Renaissance is Beyoncé’s love letter to the queer community.

Aside from being widely commended for drawing upon the work of queer Black artists from across time and genres, such as the Black transgender DJ and producer Honey Dijon and 90s drag artist Moi Renee, it is also a tribute to her late, gay uncle Johnny.

Amid other queer references, Beyoncé spells out the colours of the progress Pride flag in her song “COZY”, which she performed with robotic arms. Because she’s Beyoncé.

Somewhere in the musical excellence, Beyoncé also hosted a ball – something that directly pays homage to Renaissance‘s inspiration of underground queer ballroom movements.

“Do you know how affirming this is coming from the greatest artist of all time?” they wrote,

“Beyoncé was quintessential to my childhood as a queer child and to see her celebrate queerness LOUDLY is just amazing.”

Beyoncé’s cast is also full to the brim of queer talent – including Honey Balenciaga, a ballroom dancer from the vogue house of Balenciaga, who also featured on Legendary.

The bathrooms?

Beyoncé has reportedly made all of the bathrooms on the Renaissance World Tour gender neutral – a slay if ever we heard one.

As Alejandra Caraballo wrote on Twitter: “Beyoncé vs DeSantis is a fight I’m here for.”

Beyoncé’s tour schedule will take her through Florida and Tennessee – two particular states that have ramped up anti-queer legislation in recent months.

For one last time: That’s mother.

Beyoncé will perform one more night in Stockholm (11 May), before jetting off to the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada – among other countries.

Fans can get their hands on remaining tickets from and

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