Sex and the City fans rejoice at Kim Cattrall’s And Just Like That cameo: ‘An icon if ever I knew one’

Kim Cattrall is making a shock return to the Sex and the City universe.

In news more surprising than pigs flying and hell freezing over, it’s confirmed that Kim Cattrall will return to Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That…

When it was announced that the biggest cultural beast of the early noughties – Sex and the City – would be rebooted in 2021, fans were torn.

The thrill of seeing their New York City dream team come back to life turned bittersweet as it became clear that Kim Cattrall, who played the magnetic and licentious Samantha Jones, wouldn’t be making a return.

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) were all back on our screens for And Just Like That… but without Kim Cattrall, the fantastic four felt incomplete. Without sex-obsessed Samantha, Sex and the City was just, well, the city.

That is, until now. According to Variety, Cattrall will be making a shocking – albeit brief – comeback to the franchise, appearing in one scene in the final episode of the upcoming second season.

Cattrall’s character Samantha was said to have moved to London in the And Just Like That… reboot, with Carrie attempting to make contact with her during the show’s first season. In the season two finale, fans can expect to see Samantha having a brief phone conversation with Carrie.

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Variety reports that Cattrall recorded her short scene back in March, but did so without speaking to the other cast members or showrunner Michael Patrick King.

Cattrall has until now been adamant that she would never return to the Sex and the City world, previously revealing that “part of turning 60” involved recognising she was done with the show.

Cattrall has also openly acknowledged that she and Sarah Jessica Parker were only colleagues and never friends during their Sex and the City days, with the feud between the two actresses spilling across the years since the original series.

Reports on the longstanding disagreement between the two have detailed alleged differences in the amounts the lead actresses were paid, while Cattrall has previously said Parker was “cruel” and “could have been nicer”.

In 2018, when Cattrall’s brother died, she urged Parker to “stop exploiting our tragedy” when the The Family Stone actress reached out with condolences. “You are not my family. You are not my friend,” Catrrall told Parker via Instagram.

The feud, and Cattrall’s insistence that her time on franchise was over, has made the announcement of her return all the more mind-blowing for fans.

For some dedicated viewers, however, it’s the ultimate power move.

Kim Cattrall will get paid to do a bit she already said she didn’t need – but avoid working with the other parties involved, give fans something to cherish, and get journalists/reps to stop asking her about it … while still being the buzz of the town,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “An icon if I ever knew one.”

“So basically Kim Cattrall has been holding off all these years so she could shoot for one day, not see any of these b***hes & get a GIANT BAG. Well played. Samantha would be proud,” a second cheered.

Others are gagged at the fact that Cattrall’s Samantha will, in the very short time she’s on screen, be dressed by legendary Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field – who has, until now, not been part of the And Just Like That… reboot.

And Just Like That… will return later this month, with Cattrall’s scene expected to air in August. The first trailer has already landed, and suggests we’ll be treated to more MILFs, more sex and whole lot more Che Diaz this time around.

Plus, non-binary pop icon Sam Smith will be making an appearance. And just like that, season two is shaping up to be one of the most-discussed series of the year.

And Just Like That… returns to HBO Max on 22 June.