PinkNews named UK’s fastest-growing media business by The Sunday Times

This is an image with text that says PinkNews and the Sunday Times along with Hundred for 2023.

PinkNews is the only publisher to be included in The Sunday Times’ 100 fastest-growing privately-owned British businesses list.

The annual Sunday Times 100 for 2023 saw PinkNews ranked as the 48th fastest-growing business in the UK, in recognition of its financial performance between 2020 and 2022.

The achievement is a testament to PinkNews’ continued ability to thrive amid a challenging time for the publishing landscape. Friday’s (30 June) announcement is particularly significant for PinkNews and its readers and viewers, coming at the end of a particularly contentious Pride Month where the LGBTQ+ community has remained under attack from politicians, the far-right and legacy media. 

A key factor contributing to PinkNews’ impressive revenue growth over the last three year is success in producing content that appeals to audiences beyond just members of the LGBTQ+ community. The digital publisher’s inclusive and diverse content covering news, entertainment and business – both in written form and on video – has resonated with a broad demographic, making it a go-to source for news and information for individuals from all backgrounds. By representing this new majority, PinkNews has attracted readers and viewers who value its progressive and inclusive approach.

Diverse young friends celebrating gay pride festival - LGBTQ community concept
PinkNews exists to inform, inspire and empower LGBTQ+ audiences and allies. (Getty)

PinkNews proudly boasts dozens of original video series on Snapchat, where French and German language content offerings have contributed to growth on the platform. With foreign language content set to launch soon across other platforms and with PinkNews’ audience growing rapidly on TikTok, the global appetite for diverse content serving a diverse audience is clear.

The United States has also played a pivotal role in PinkNews’ expansion, with Americans forming the publishers most extensive audience base. With compelling content and a commitment to providing a platform for LGBTQ+ voices, PinkNews has been able to effectively tap into the US market and make a real impact among the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

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This growth in the US is central to the brand’s continued success, creating space to engage with a larger audience and amplifying important discussions surrounding LGBTQ+ rights and representation.

Reacting to PinkNews’ placement on The Sunday Times’ list, Benjamin Cohen, the publisher’s founder and chief executive, says: “It is fantastic to see the tremendous growth of PinkNews over the last few years recognised in The Sunday Times 100.

“Digital media is a hard industry to scale and succeed in, particularly for those targeting diverse audiences, who have often been ignored by advertisers. This is now changing with the scale and power of our audience becoming an essential part of brands and agencies marketing mix in order to stay relevant.

Benjamin Cohen speaks at the PinkNews Westminster Pride Reception
PinkNews CEO Benjamin Cohen speaking at the PinkNews Westminster Pride Reception earlier this month. (PinkNews)

“At a time when LGBTQ+ people are under attack by vocal and powerful minorities PinkNews’ continued success highlights where the real majority lies, with our content reaching millions of new people every day fulfilling our mission to inform, inspire change and empower people to be themselves.”

Recognition for PinkNews’ outstanding work has poured in throughout 2023, with the publisher already securing 11 prestigious awards. Esteemed organisations like Digiday, The Drum, AOP, and the International Trans Awards have applauded PinkNews’ dedication to excellence. These accolades serve as a testament to the publisher’s commitment to providing high-quality content and fostering inclusivity within the media industry.

PinkNews has been making significant investments in product development, data analysis, and analytics to drive growth and expand its audience. By harnessing the power of technology, PinkNews is gaining valuable insights into its audience’s preferences and tailor its content accordingly. This strategic focus on product innovation and data-driven decision-making has allowed PinkNews to stay ahead of the curve and expand its reach.

With its ongoing investment in product development and data analytics, PinkNews is poised for continued success as it continues to inform and inspire audiences worldwide.

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