This is where to get the pink Birkenstocks worn by Margot Robbie in Barbie

You can get the pink Birkenstocks worn by Margot Robbie in Barbie.

You can get the pink Birkenstocks worn by Margot Robbie in the final scene of Barbie.

The Birkenstock is a recurring shoe throughout the film and one of it’s many LGBTQ+ references.

In the film when Margot Robbie’s “stereotypical” Barbie is given an ultimatum by Kate McKinnon’s “weird” Barbie, she has to choose between a high heel or a Birkenstock, aka the most lesbian shoe to ever exist.

Then later on, when Barbie chooses to stay in the real world, she does so wearing a pair in light pink, of course.

One fan of the film tweeted: “Birkenstock Barbie, certified Lesbian”, alongside a picture of Robbie in character wearing a pink pair at the end of the film.

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Since flocking to the cinema to watch the much-anticipated film, it seems a number of fans want to get their hands on a pair.

One Twitter user said: “Suddenly wanting to buy a pair of Birkenstock that Barbie wears in the movie.”

Another echoed this, tweeting: “You know what I desirably want right after watching Barbie? Birkenstock in pink.”

While some are calling for a Birkenstock x Barbie collab, especially after the film teamed up with the likes of Crocs and ALDO shoes as part of its campaign.

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Well, fans can buy the ones worn by Robbie in Barbie. They’re the Arizona Suede Leather pair in light rose.

They feature the classic double strap design, complete with pink metal buckles and a soft pink sole.

We see them on the character as she adjusts to life in the real world as a human and heads to a gynecologist appointment.

Another fan tweeted about the film’s ending, saying: “the way Margot’s Barbie ended up choosing Birkenstock at the end, gurl this Barbie is a lesbian.”

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