Posie Parker suggests trans ally David Tennant is a paedophile – and fans aren’t having it

Anti-trans activist Posie Parker hit out at Doctor Who star and trans ally David Tennant on X – insinuating that he is a pedophile – and it didn’t go well. 

Anti-trans activist Posie Parker insinuated that beloved Doctor Who star and trans ally David Tennant is a paedophile on social media – and it didn’t go down well. 

Parker – real name Kellie-Jay Keen – took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday (15 September) and posted a photo of the Good Omens actor along with the caption: “His pin reads ‘hey little girl do you want to see some puppies?'”

Her tweet refers to the pin Tennant has been pictured wearing, which bears the rainbow Pride flag and trans Pride colours, and the words: “You are safe with me.”

The actor’s fans were quick to point out that Parker’s post insinuated the much-loved actor is a paedophile because he has been vocal in his support of the trans+ community.

Father of five Tennant, who played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor in beloved BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who, previously melted hearts with a beautiful message of LGBTQ+ solidarity during this year’s Pride Month.

Parker told PinkNews: “My comment is about the inappropriate message on the badge. No adult should be telling children that they’re safe, it is creepy as hell.”

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In response to Parker’s social media post, David Tennant fans from across the LGBTQ+ community and beyond have taken to social media to condemn the anti-trans campaigner. 

Fans have called for Tennant to take action against her libellous comment. 

A lawyer previously told PinkNews that people who call others ‘groomer’, ‘paedophile’ or other anti-LGBTQ+ slurs online could be in “serious danger of being sued”. 

It isn’t the first time Tennant has been hit by backlash for supporting the trans community. In July, he was criticised by transphobes for wearing a t-shirt with the message: “Leave trans kids alone, you absolute freaks”.

Anti-trans former comedy writer Graham Linehan accused him of being an “abusive groomer” for wearing the shirt.

Backlash to Parker’s post comes as hundreds gather to rally against her latest ‘Let Women Speak’ event in Dublin on Saturday (16 September). 

The event, which was announced by the anti-trans campaigner in August, was heavily promoted, but LGBTQ+ activists turned out to counter her rhetoric.

Trans and Intersex Pride Dublin wrote on X that it’s time to show “that Ireland is pro-trans and anti-fascist”. 

In light of anti-trans hate pedalled by pundits such as Parker and Linehan, two Irish mums founded Mammies for Trans Rights.

They told PinkNews their movement began because of the “terrible fear, upset and distress” felt by trans youth in Ireland and beyond. 

Regulators in New Zealand have recently ruled that it is accurate to Parker an “anti-trans activist” and write that neo-Nazi groups supporting her attended her Melbourne rally in March.

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