Drag Race star cast in new series of The Traitors: ‘I’ll be glued to my TV, no one talk to me’

On the right, RuPaul on Drag Race. on the left, a promotional photo of The Traitors UK.

The reality TV crossover that we never knew we needed is set to happen, as The Traitors has cast its first Drag Race alumni on the next series.

When The Traitors hit our TV screens last year, it brought chaos and rave reviews – as well as some pretty stellar LGBTQ+ representation.

On The Traitors UK, presented by the camp-as-Christmas Claudia Winkleman, fans were introduced to LGBTQ+ elder Andrea and the loveable Theo, while The Traitors Australia gave us – spoiler alert – our first queer winner in traitor Alex.

The Traitors US, which aired earlier this year, introduced out and proud non-binary contestant, Andie Vanacore.

Now, the first series of The Traitors Canada has been announced, and Canada’s Drag Race fan favourite, Miss Fiercalicious, will be a contestant.

Announcing her casting, the queen wrote: “Did somebody call for sabotage?” alongside a knife emoji.

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Teasing the drama to come, she followed up with: “If y’all thought I was chaotic on Canada’s Drag Race, wait until The Traitors Canada. Nobody in that manor was safe.”

In The Traitors, competitors are divided into two groups. Most are “faithfuls”, but a select few are secret “traitors”, who must convince the other contestants otherwise. The group collectively votes out who they think is a traitor in each episode, while together the traitors will “murder” one of the faithfuls.

Both groups take part in daily challenges to raise the money in a prize fund. At the end of the series, the remaining contestants must decide whether they think they have voted out all of the traitors. If they have, they split the cash. If a traitor remains among them, however, he or she takes the lot.

Miss Fiercalicious shot to fame on Canada’s Drag Race season three in 2022, where she won fans and judges over with her stellar looks and feisty attitude.

She won two challenges before being eliminated just before the finale.

Since then, the drag superstar has continued to make a name for herself among the fandom, winning them over with hilarious and devious antics on X (formerly Twitter).

Miss Fiercalicious in a blue dress at Drag Con.
Will Miss Fiercalicious be a traitor or a faithful? (Getty)

Meanwhile, fans have been demanding she make a TV ru-turn. Last week, when new drag reality series Slaycation, which will feature six Drag Race alumni holidaying together in a winter cabin, was announced, Miss Fiercalicious was the first name on many peoples’ lips.

While it remains to be seen if she’ll be cast, fans are living for the fact that she’ll be making a TV comeback. 

“This show has been begging for a drag queen and we got Fierce. A+ casting,” declared one fan.

Another wrote: “I’m screaming. She’s going to make more great TV for us,” while a third said: “The way I’m so excited for this, you wouldn’t believe.”

Miss Fiercalicious’s fellow Drag Race alumni have also been among those praising the casting, with Lawrence Chaney, Just May, Blu Hydrangea and Irma Gerd congratulating her.

The Traitors Canada airs at 10PM on 2 October on CTV. UK and US release dates are yet to be announced.