Interview with the Vampire season two first clip delivers queer sexual tension and bloody murder

A mystery new vampire with Louis in the first look at Interview with the Vampire season two.

Interview with the Vampire season one landed on BBC iPlayer in the UK mere days ago, but the show’s second season already has its very first teaser clip. 

It looks like the bloody work of Louis de Pointe du Lac (Game of Thrones actor Jacob Anderson) and Claudia (Avatar: The Way of Water star Bailey Bass) will continue in season two, with or without Louis’ spouse, Lestat de Lioncourt (The Newsreader’s Sam Reid).

In the three-minute clip, fans see Louis and Claudia getting involved with a new group of vampires – led by one very mysterious, very charming bloodsucker.

As the group rocks up to the lavish estate of a family who have “made quite a killing manipulating the black market”, all the while their countrymen “clutch ration cards”, they’re approached by two guards who tell them they aren’t authorised to attend the party.

Though this particular group don’t need permission. Within seconds, both guards are dead.

Claudia and the group of new vamps then head inside the mansion, and moments later, blood-curdling screams ring out across the estate’s grounds, as a bloody killing spree begins.

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Meanwhile, Louis stays outside to chat (and flirt) with his new-found friend. 

“Nice night,” Louis says, as they light up cigarettes. Behind them, doors are being smashed open and blood is splattered across the windows.

The alluring new vampire tells Louis he admires how he can “withhold”, and is a “practised” introvert. “I find myself thinking, what is in there?,” he tells Louis.

In response, Louis flirts: “I think the same about you. Been thinking ‘bout you often.”

The mystery vampire then describes their relationship as “tricky”, as the chaos continues to unfold around them. Then, at the end of the clip, the newcomer say to Louis: “I do believe I felt some trepidation when the name Lestat was uttered”.

In classic Mariah Carey fashion, Louis then quips: “Who?”

The gay tension is already thick in the air.

Interview with the Vampire originally aired on US channel AMC back in 2022, to a riproaring response from viewers. Though it’s based on the beloved Anne Rice gothic horror vampire novel, and comes after the hit 1994 film adaptation, starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, the new series does away with the queer-coding, and instead delivers canon gay representation.

Sam Reid as Lestat and Jacob Anderson as Louis in Interview with the Vampire
The gloriously gay TV adaptation of Interview with the Vampire has arrived in the UK. (BBC)

Speaking to PinkNews last week, Anderson and Reid shared their love for the show’s huge queer fanbase.

“It’s amazing. We were both terrified. We talked about it all the time while we’re shooting because the books have a big fan base already,” Reid shared. “The world and characters that Anne Rice created and what they represent are very important to people. So to receive the support that we have, it’s been mind blowing.”

“Being seen and being accepted is a real theme throughout Anne Rice’s writing and it’s how we felt reading the scripts,” Anderson added. “[It’s amazing] to have people accept our interpretation of characters they love so much and to have people who didn’t know these characters, like me, feeling understood.”

Interview With the Vampire season two arrives on AMC in 2024 in the US. Season one is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer in the UK.