Big Brother’s Jordan and Henry kiss in bed amid Matty love triangle saga

Henry (left) and Jordan (right), housemates in Big Brother.

Big Brother fans are well and truly shook as housemates Jordan and Henry finally kiss after weeks of subtle flirting and love triangle chaos with fellow housemate Matty.

In tonight’s episode (24 October), viewers will see 25-year-old queer lawyer Jordan and 25-year-old Tory food writer Henry embrace and share a surreptitious goodnight kiss in bed.

A preview clip shared by Big Brother shows the pair laying on top of one another as the lights in the bedroom are switched off.

As they hug, Jordan urges: “We can’t kiss on camera, sorry.”

At the same time, Henry says: “Goodnight, my love.”

They both snigger and kiss twice, the first time appearing to be a kiss on the lips.

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Jordan, Henry, and gay 24-year-old geriatric doctor Matty have been embroiled in a turbulent love triangle in recent days.

Jordan and Henry instantly sparked a friendship when they entered the Big Brother house earlier this month. They swiftly started calling each other “husband” and joking about having children together, leading to some fans referring to them as a real-life episode of Heartstopper.

However, Jordan has recently made his romantic intentions with Matty clear, cuddling up with him in bed and on the sofa, and flirting heavily with him.

Henry (L), Jordan and Matty (R) from Big Brother.
Henry (L), Jordan and Matty (R) from Big Brother. (ITV)

In another twist in this very winding road towards queer love, last night’s episode (23 October) saw Jordan ask Matty to cool things off.

In the diary room, Matty then appeared to admit that he knows Jordan has “romantic feelings” for him, and seemed to suggest that he felt the same.

Matty has a boyfriend on the outside world, but has said they are in an open relationship.

The other Big Brother housemates have picked up on the romantic undercurrent between the three, and in tonight’s episode, Jenkin and Hallie will voice their hope that Jordan will end up with Henry.

“Do you reckon them two would be a cute couple?,” Jenkin asks Hallie, to which she responds: “I’ve always thought that you know!”

The most recent housemate to be evicted, model Zak, exclusively told PinkNews that he doesn’t think Matty will do anything “stupid” with Jordan.

“Matty’s got a boyfriend on the outside,” he explained. “And I feel like Matty’s one of those guys, he’ll stick to not doing anything stupid.

“I don’t believe that Matty’s gonna say to Jordan at all. You can see a lot of the time Matty was like ‘okay you need to stop now’. But we’ll see, in the house it can get very intense. You never know what’s gonna happen.”

Big Brother continues on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm Sunday through to Friday.