Sabrina Carpenter’s cover of Chappell Roan’s lesbian anthem ‘Good Luck, Babe!’ has sapphics spinning

Sabrina Carpenter covered Chappell Roan's track, "Good Luck, Babe!" (Getty)

Sabrina Carpenter has covered Chappell Roan’s song “Good Luck, Babe!”, leaving sapphics spinning.

Hot off her run at Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour and her Coachella success, the “Please Please Please” singer appeared on BBC Radio One’s Live Lounge on 18 June to cover her label-mate’s lesbian anthem

Given her previous track record of fervently supporting the LGBTQ+ community with her “Nonsense” outro lyrics and sending sapphics into a frenzy over her SKIMS campaign, it’s no wonder her fans are so thrilled with her choice of cover song.

Carpenter’s version of the track starts as almost like an acoustic cover but picks up traction in the second verse as the band and backing singers join in.

The “Espresso” singer begins in her signature alto register in the first chorus before impressively matching Roan’s soprano vocals as the song picks up speed.

Fans quickly flocked to the comments section on YouTube to share their love for the singer’s iconic cover, which was performed during Pride Month, no less. 

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“OH MY GODDDD this is iconic. as a lesbian (who is absolutely in love with sabrina and chappell) im so happy chappell is getting recognition like this. i love that they’re friends too and planned this together, so cute i love them both,” wrote one fan.

“THE JAW I DROPPED. THE GASP I LET OUT. SABRINA I LOVE U SO FREAKING MUCH WTF,” wrote another. “Her voice sounds so angelic and powerful at the same time,” a third fan commented.

“I need this flowing through my veins right now,” said a fourth. “She ATE, your honor!!!!”, quipped a different viewer.

Carpenter said she chose to cover this song because: “I just haven’t stopped listening to this song since it came out. I’m a huge fan of Chappell’s and we wanted to put our own little twist on it.”

It’s safe to say, we’re obsessed.

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