Kahanna Montrese apologises after Heidi N Closet drama: ‘This has been a dark period for me’

Kahanna Montrese

All Stars 8 competitor Kahanna Montrese has apologised for ‘blowing up’ at fellow cast member Heidi N Closet following their Snatch Game smackdown and subsequent Twitter feud.

For those that aren’t clued up (or, indeed, glued to Twitter), here’s a (very) abridged version of what went down between Kahanna Montrese and Heidi N Closet across the Twitterverse.

Kahanna and Heidi, who were both cast on All Stars 8, initially clashed over the pair’s interactions in the season’s Snatch Game episode. The following day, Kahanna told Heidi that she felt she was throwing her under the bus, and Heidi immediately apologised. Fellow cast member Kandy Muse then confronted Heidi over warning Jimbo of alleged comments that Kandy had made about betraying the Canadian queen and violating the trio’s alliance.

The tension then reached boiling point, and Heidi voluntarily left the competition – but even though the cameras had stopped rolling, the claws were still out. Kahanna Montrese and the season 12 Miss Congeniality had a royal rumble on Twitter consisting of several subtweets, direct reads and Drag Race alumni throwing their wigs in the ring.

But now, Kahanna Montrese, who has was eliminated in sixth place on All Stars 8, has expressed regret over the way she handled her interactions with Heidi; probably the “ginger halitosis breath” read, in particular.

“I’m the type of person I’ll take critique, admit when I’m wrong and I’m down for a healthy debate,” Kahanna wrote on Twitter, before saying that the way she “handled things with Heidi was wrong”.

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“For so long I’ve been silenced and not taken serious, and I blew up, I reached my breaking point. This has been a dark period for me,” the season 11 queen added.

Kahanna, who won the first challenge of All Stars 8 despite being sent home second on her original season, followed up with another tweet: “I’m finding my light and reminding myself I’m not the same person from season 11! I came to All Stars for a fresh start. I deserve to give myself and you guys my best”.

Fans and Drag Race queens alike have showed Kahanna a whole lot of love following the admission, including drag mother and fellow double Drag Race competitor Coco Montrese, who appeared on season five and All Stars 2.

“We all make mistakes, mine was skipping my theatre makeup classes lmao,” the lip sync assassin wrote.

“But seriously, owning those mistakes and also allowing yourself a chance to acknowledge your emotions, and then mastering control of those emotions and not letting them control you is when you find balance and peace.”

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