Heidi N Closet and Kahanna Montrese are embroiled in a wild Twitter row. Here’s what happened

All Stars 8 cast members Heidi N Closet and Kahanna Montrese have been embroiled in a bitter Twitter feud since the former’s shock exit – and here’s everything you need to know.

The world of Drag Race was rocked when All Stars 8 fan favourite Heidi N Closet made the shocking decision to leave the competition in the fifth episode, just weeks after threatening to do so on Untucked.

The untimely departure seemed to have been prompted by a clash with cast mate and season 11 queen Kahanna Montrese. But even though the cameras are no longer rolling, the feud is still as fierce as ever on social media.

As Azaelia Banks once sensationally said: “Waaaaaaait! What is the tea, the girls are fighting!”

This is what went down.

Heidi N Closet Vs. Kahanna Montrese: Snatch Game

Viewers of All Stars 8 will recall that the season’s dramatic Snatch Game episode saw Heidi and Kahanna clash during the actual Snatch Game of Love game, as well as in the werk room afterwards.

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Kahanna felt that Heidi was repeatedly throwing her under the perpetually running Drag Race bus and “antagonising” her during the celebrity impersonation challenge, whereas Heidi said that she was simply volleying answers back at Kahanna.

The clash occurred just before Kandy Muse weighed in to accuse Heidi of lying to Jimbo about the status of the trio’s alliance. Long story short, Heidi told Jimbo that Kandy was “coming for her”, because she had allegedly told Heidi and Alexis Michelle that off camera.

Shortly after the clash, the season 12 queen voluntarily quit the competition, removing herself from a chance of a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame and from competing in this season’s Fame Games.

While it seemed that Heidi had made her peace with her sisters at the time of her exit, her Twitter presence following the episode airing on TV tells a different story.

Sub-tweet city

Since leaving the show, and in between promotion for her new sex toy (don’t ask), Heidi’s tweets have been spiky, to say the least.

From calling out fellow contestant Alexis for not backing her up in the Snatch Game-Gate, to cryptic shots such as “You ever get tired taking the high road?” the Closet is well and truly open.

Kahanna also started throwing a fair amount of shade around.

“Still I smile that’s winning,” she wrote. “Now on to the next booking.”

The final tweet that we can realistically call a “sub-tweet’ rather than a direct confrontation, came in the form of a now-deleted message from Kahanna’s newly renamed account (Kahannaha “Villain” Montrese).

“Good girl gone bad. I’m the right one to play with. 😁 #imcomingforyou Feel me with your hate, I will turn it into my strength.”

Montrese, daughter of legendary Drag Race star Coco, had also, by that point, updated her profile picture to that of a giant devil, although it’s since been changed back.

The library is open

Underneath Kahanna’s last sub-tweet, Heidi replied: “Liking this tweet from Norway” and that was the straw that broke the drag queen’s back, so to speak.

“Don’t nobody care about you being in Norway, girl,” Kahanna wrote before getting personal.

“I’m working the world, hoe. Doing my own gigs in between. When you have your own home, good credit, that gingivitis halitosis breath fixed, then I’ll be impressed.”

Heidi never won a reading challenge on Drag Race, but judging by her reply, we’re not sure why.

After calling Kahanna “Crimson Chin Montrese”, she pointed out that the Vegas “house market is cheap” and that she “could afford a house there.”

Then came the kicker: “I’ll fix my credit when you fix that drooping *ss. I took a sh*t in a parking lot and it got more press than you girl, bye.”

The final read is, of course, a reference to Heidi’s now-viral admission on podcast Hall & Closet that she did, indeed, take a sh*t in a parking lot in Glasgow.

The only reply to this from Kahanna was: “I’ll see you in Chicago, sis,” presumably referring to a Roscoe’s Tavern viewing party, which Heidi apparently perceived as a “threat”.

The receipts

Somehow, this is where things got even messier.

Heidi proceeded to post screenshots of a text exchange, allegedly with Kahanna, detailing some tense conversations between the All Stars 8 cast.

Messages from the contact, named “Kahanna”, include: “Be very careful with me. Full threat,” and others calling out Heidi’s sub-tweets.

In the second tweet on the matter, it seems that Heidi had written, and maybe even recorded, a diss track of both Kahanna and Kandy, although it seems that she decided not to release it.

The pair signed off with Kahanna telling Heidi she lost a “real sister and friend,” to which Heidi replied: “You can say the same.”

Although Kahanna posted no more tweets, a few Drag Race fans have since shared clips from a recent Instagram live in which she promised Heidi that it was “on sight”.

Drag Race: Fallout

It seems (at the time of writing) that the girls have calmed down.

Although both queens have posted tweets along the lines of “let me get back to me”, and stopped shading each other quite so fiercely, that hasn’t stopped Drag Race alumni and fans of the show from giving their two cents on the situation.

From a simple “OK” from Pit Stop host Bianca Del Rio and season 14’s Kerri Colby and Angeria Paris VanMichaels wondering if Heidi and Kahanna were really “going at it over an episode from two weeks/a year ago”, to fans reacting to specifically devastating reads, here are the best hot takes from the drama.

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