Kim Petras gushes about special friendship with ‘gifted’ Sam Smith: ‘I’ve learned a lot’

Kim Petras and Sam Smith pout and hold their Grammy award for "Unholy".

Kim Petras made history with non-binary singer Sam Smith last year through their raunchy collaboration “Unholy”, though it seems more came from the song than just a worldwide hit.

The trans pop star, who released her debut album Feed The Beast this week, has revealed just how much she gained from her work with Sam Smith, who she now considers a true friend.

Last year, Petras and Smith became the first trans and non-binary musicians to score a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US with “Unholy”. The single was also a huge success in the UK, sitting pretty at the top of the charts for four whole weeks.

Petras also made history at this year’s Grammy Awards, becoming the first trans person to win a Grammy in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category, again with her Sam Smith collaboration “Unholy”.

Picking up the award, Petras thanked the “incredible transgender legends” who paved the way for her and helped her to become one of contemporary pop music’s most groundbreaking artists.

Speaking to Metro about her work with Sam Smith, who uses they/them pronouns, Petras said that the pair went on an “incredible journey” together.

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“I had so much fun with Sam and I think we together felt very strong on stage and gave each other lots of confidence,” the 30-year-old German hitmaker said.

“I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Sam regarding how to handle media and people commenting on your appearance, looks, your body. People were really harsh to Sam but I was very impressed to see how Sam handled all of that and didn’t let it get close,” she added.

Following on from the mammoth success of “Unholy”, the pair performed the song at the Grammy and Brit awards earlier this year, to much backlash and bigotry from right-wingers and religious zealots.

Their performances included Smith being dressed up in devil attire and oiled up while dancing on a car frame – so they were a little steamy, to say the least.

Boring social media users and right-wing media outlets accused the pair of promoting Satanism, while communications regular Ofcom received more than 100 complaints about their routine at the Brit Awards.

The furore over their performances came amidst a wave of hatred directed at Sam Smith, who had entered the promotional campaign for their fourth album Gloria by leaning into their queerness, non-binary identity and body. 

The star was ridiculed heavily for using they/them pronounces and embracing body positivity, but Kim Petras has explained that Smith taught her to pay the haters no mind.

“It’s so tough sometimes, you go through comments or press stuff and you’re like, ‘Oh my God everyone hates me’. But give it a few hours, touch grass and breathe and let it go by,” she said. 

Petras also revealed that her and Smith “text all the time” and she’d be open to working with the “Vulgar” star again in the future.

“They’re just a really truly talented, gifted artist who really writes and cares about the music. I love working with those kinds of artists,” she gushed.

“I would love to collaborate again and whatever I do next get Sam on. It’s got to be the right song. This song came along after a few years of talking about collaborating and the song was just right.”

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