Barbie fans are obsessed with this ‘Mojo Dojo Casa House’ keyring

Barbie fans are obsessed with this 'Mojo Dojo Casa House' keychain. (Warner Bros. Pictures & Etsy/EtchTwentyEight)

Barbie movie fans are obsessed with this Mojo Dojo Casa House keyring – and this is where to buy it.

The film has taken the world by storm, breaking box office records and seeing millions of people flock to the cinema wearing pink.

It’s full of iconic moments that are sure to hold a place in pop culture history, from the costumes to quotes to its soundtrack.

This includes Ken and co. taking over Barbieland to transform the dream house into the ‘Mojo Dojo Casa House’.

This moment has inspired independent Etsy seller, EtchTwentyEight, to create a keyring that nods to Ken’s house.

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They’ve created three keyrings inspired by the film, including the Mojo Dojo Casa House key chain in the font style of the Barbie movie.

The keyring was posted into the Facebook group ’50 Shades of Pink’ and it clocked up more than 50,000 reactions and 5,000 comments.

One wrote, “That’s awesome, so funny” and another said, “omg I need it” and “yasss i love this so much”.

Another suggested that the Etsy seller broaden their designs, saying: “This needs to be a welcome mat!”.

Barbie keyrings
You can also get two other Barbie-inspired designs. (Etsy/EtchTwentyEight)

At the time of writing the keyring is currently sold out due to huge demand from fans.

But you can keep an eye out on their store for a re-stock, or buy one of the other Barbie-themed designs.

This includes a custom keyring charm that can be personalised for you, just simply enter your name when purchasing and you’ll get your name in Barbie font.

The third is a Barbie logo key ring, which comes with a fluffy charm. This one you can get as your initial – or choose ‘B’ to rep Barbie.

To shop them all head to the Etsy page here. Plus you can search for other Barbie-inspired keyrings from logos to names to ‘Mojo Dojo Casa Houses’.