Funko teams up with the Barbie movie to release Pop! Vinyl figures

Funko releases Pop! Vinyl figures inspired by the Barbie movie.

Funko has teamed up with the Barbie movie to release four iconic Pop! Vinyl figures.

Fans of the film can get their hands on Barbie and Ken figurines inspired by the record-breaking box office hit.

The four Pop! Vinyl figures feature some of the looks from the film including Western Barbie and Ken and Disco Barbie.

If you’re in Europe then they’re available from while US fans can get them from

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There’s four to choose from, including Barbie and Ken in their cowgirl and cowboy looks.

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The pair wear the outfits as they attempt fit into the ‘real world’, which they discover is very different from Barbieland.

There’s also Disco Barbie, which features Robbie’s outfit during the dance sequence in the film.

Barbie Funko Pop! Vinyl figures
Fans can get President Barbie and Disco Barbie figurines. (Funko)

We see all of the Barbie’s and Ken’s perform to Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” from the soundtrack at Robbie’s Stereotypical Barbie’s dream house.

The fourth and final Funko Pop! figure is Issa Rae’s President Barbie, which comes complete with her sash and pink and gold dress.

To shop the Barbie Funko Pop! Vinyl figures head to or

Barbie collaborations you can buy

From Crocs to NYX Cosmetics and Funboy to Ruggable, the pink icon is taking over the globe.

Recent collabs include one from Vans, which features platformed versions of the brand’s sneakers in Barbie pink and Superga’s sneaker range.

Kendra Scott also released some stunning jewellery that wouldn’t look out of place in Barbie’s dreamhouse as did Homesick Candles with scents “inspired” by the pop culture icon.

And people are also snapping up outfits that feature in the film. From replica versions of the pink boilersuits to the actual pink Birkenstocks worn by Margot Robbie in the film.

While fans have also been creating homemade merch, including t-shirts that reference the Barbie Oppenheimer ‘rivalry’ as both films were released on the same day.