Troye Sivan reveals how one hook-up ‘kick started’ new album Something to Give Each Other

Troye Sivan wears a black pinstriped blazer and low cut top.

Troye Sivan has got fans on the edge of their seats with the build-up to his upcoming album Something to Give Each Other.

Giving his new music era a jump-start with the infectiously catchy single “Rush” – and the paired music video that no one could stop talking about – it’s been a crazy few weeks for Sivan stans.

Next up for the “My My My!” singer is a cover shoot with Rolling Stone Australia and an in-depth interview to go with it, naturally.

Hinting at what people can expect from his third studio album, Sivan revealed in the interview that he was inspired to make the project after a particularly inspiring hook-up.

“We were laying in bed and he was like, ‘This is one of life’s greatest pleasures, connecting with people in this way’,” the singer recalled.

Troye Sivan in the "Rush" music video. (YouTube)
Troye Sivan’s new album is on the way! (YouTube)

“Obviously the hook-up is fun, but he’s like, ‘Even if I never see you again, we get to have this really special moment together’.

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“That really kick-started everything.”

Eventually, Troye crafted his upcoming album, which has been described by Capitol Records as“a celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, queerness, love and friendship.”

Just last month, the Australian singer gave fans a glimpse into his love life, revealing that he’s on Hinge but, like all of us, he suffers from dating app fatigue.

He had told KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show that the apps can often give you “the illusion that you’re doing something about your dating life. It makes you feel like you’re doing something, but you’re not. You’re sitting on the couch.”

“Go and meet the person in real life, and at least you know then,” he told them. “You know what I mean? You’ve met a real person and made a connection with someone.”

Sivan only figured that one out after people finally stopped reporting his Hinge account. After one too many imposter accusations, Hinge finally “fortified” Troye’s account to ensure he can’t be banned.

Who knows? Maybe that was what led to the fated date that got his creative juices flowing for this new album.

Troye Sivan in The Idol turned to the side smiling
Troye Sivan appeared in Sam Levinson’s The Idol. (Youtube/HBO Youtube)

Troye, who appeared in Sam Levinson’s controversial HBO drama series The Idol earlier this year, also shared his thoughts on the show being cancelled after just one season.

“It’s like nothing matters. Like literally nothing,” he said, brushing off the knock. 

“As far as work and all that goes, I’ve always known that I could go back home to Australia and my family would be there.

“And that’s the best. It makes you invincible to a certain extent.”Fans can expect to hear Troye’s new album, Something to Give Each Other on 13 October.