Drag Race UK’s Copper Topp says she’s ‘not OK’ as she announces break from drag

Drag Race UK season four queen Copper Topp.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four star Copper Topp has revealed she is taking a step back from drag, telling her fans that she is “not OK”.

Copper Topp won one challenge before being eliminated in tenth place on last year’s series, and has since embarked on a career as an actor and musician alongside continued drag shows.

In a post shared on her social media channels, Copper revealed “with a heavy heart” that she needed to “take a break” from her drag career.

“The last two years have been some of the hardest I’ve ever experienced and the truth is that I am not ok,” she wrote.

“In light of this, this account may be quiet for a while as I allow myself the time, space and energy I need to work on my mental health.”

However, Copper confirmed that her break from drag would not affect her upcoming role as Glinda in a pantomime production of The Wizard of Oz at Kettering’s Lighthouse Theatre.

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She also confirmed that she would still be appearing at the next RuPaul’s DragCon UK, which takes place in January 2024.

“I look forward to seeing some of you there, when I hope to have found my smile again,” she signed off her statement.

Copper’s Drag Race UK castmates and other alumni have rallied around her since she shared the news, with Danny Beard, Cheddar Gorgeous, Black Peppa and more all sending their love.

“My love, take your break,” wrote Drag Race season nine queen Cynthia Lee Fontaine. “It’s important. Trust you will be back reenergized. Sending you positive vibes.”

Copper Top’s season four sister Pixie Polite urged her followers to “send [her] sis all the love in the world”. 

“This takes guts. Much love,” added All Stars 8 competitor Alexis Michelle, while Canada’s Drag Race finalist Scarlett Bobo wrote: “Sending all the love! Do what you need to do for YOU!”

Earlier this year, images and footage of Copper Topp hosting a family-friendly drag storytime event at a pub in southeast London were used by a far-right group to promote protests at the event.

Speaking to PinkNews at the time, the drag star accused the group, Turning Point UK, of spreading “misinformation” by using an image of her from an unrelated drag performance for adults.

She added: “It’s really terrifying how all of a sudden I feel like the world is becoming more far-right in front of my very eyes, and that is scary.”

Speaking to PinkNews after her elimination from season four last year, Copper said that she felt misunderstood by the judges.

“Yeah, 100 per cent misunderstood,” she said. “Walking down the runway, you don’t always expect it to be 100 per cent about fashion. It’s gonna have fashion aspects, but it’s about drag, and there’s so many different sides to drag.

“There’s there’s no rulebook necessarily – it’s about doing what you want.”