The Last of Us season two set leaks show key Ellie and Dina scene

Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us season 2

New images from the set of The Last of Us have confirmed that Ellie and Dina’s season two journey will be as tense as it is in the video game source material – including one key sequence.

The Last of Us season one was a largely faithful adaptation of the hit video game, with key changes including episode three, which told the powerful story of queer couple Bill and Frank.

Airing in 2023, the nine episodes followed Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey, and Joel (Pedro Pascal) on their quest for survival across a post-apocalyptic US. While season one had the pair travelling together (for the most part), searching for a cure for the deadly cordyceps fungus, season two – should it stay faithful to the video game sequel – will give Joel a smaller role, while Ellie sets out on a mission of her own.

Her companion for a large stretch of the violent journey will be girlfriend Dina (Isabela Merced).

The new photos show Ellie and Dina on their horse, Shimmer – a fan-favourite figure from the game – with the former holding a hunting rifle.

The shot was filmed in the Canadian city of Nanaimo, in British Columbia, but clued-up fans believe this could be a prelude to an excursion into the Serevena Hotel, in the US state of Washington.

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A leaked video shows Dina and Ellie approach a deserted street. Ellie dismounts to inspect something out of view, with an abandoned jeep in the side of the shot.

In the game, Ellie is hot on the heels of militia group the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) when she arrives at the hotel to find it abandoned – except for two unlucky members of the group, who had been tortured and killed.

The abandoned jeep has convinced fans that this is where Ellie enters the hotel, dispatches a few Infected, stumbles across recently deceased WLF member Nick, and finds a map and message scrawled in blood on the floor.

An official first look at the new season was released recently, showing Ellie and Joel at their safe haven ranch in Jackson, Wyoming.

Fans of the game will recognise the picture from near the start of the second game, when Joel tries to defend Ellie and Dina from a homophobe.

The Last of Us season two is due to premiere on HBO in 2025.

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