The full, messy timeline of Trinity the Tuck and Farrah Moan’s feud… so far

Trinity the Tuck Farrah Moan

Season nine and All Stars 4 co-competitors Trinity the Tuck and Farrah Moan have reignited their dormant feud for a brutal round two. Here’s what’s happened.

Over the years, we’ve seen some pretty good drag queen beef born from the alumni of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Just recently, viewers and fans have basked in the glow of Maddy Morphosis Vs. Bob the Drag Queen, Morphine Love Dion Vs. Trixie Mattel and even All Stars 9‘s Roxxxy Andrews and Vanessa Vanjie Vs. Aura Mayari.

We’ve also had a long-running feud between All Stars 4 winner Trinity the Tuck and her double-time castmate Farrah Moan – and now, they’re back at it again.

This time, though, things are getting nasty. However, before we get to the latest news, chronologically, here’s what’s happened in the Trinity the Tuck and Farrah Moan ‘beef’ so far.

Miss Covid-tina – 2021

Trinity the Tuck
Trinity the Tuck attends RuPaul’s DragCon UK presented by World Of Wonder at Olympia London on 18 January 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for World Of Wonder Productions)

Their feud began when Trinity allegedly continued to perform in public during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, shortly after she’d won All Stars, which Farrah took issue with.

Trinity took to Twitter (when it was still Twitter) to address criticism of her continued performances, writing: “I suggest you stfu about me doing what I have to do to survive!” and adding that her job was “no different than a server or someone who works at a retail or grocery store.”

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Farrah replied: “Being a nightlife entertainer in NOT an essential job,” adding “none of us can pay our bills right now,” before calling Trinity’s actions “unimaginably selfish”.

Trinity then replied to that, saying that she was working to prevent her house going into foreclosure, something which she had worked hard for, to which Farrah pointed out that Trinity had just snatched $100k from winning All Stars.

The beef came to a head when Trinity said: “You do not know my situation girl! How dare you!”

Trinity Vs. Farrah: Roman Reloaded, the re-up

Farrah Moan, pictured at a red carpet event.
Farrah Moan came out as trans in 2023. (Getty)

The beef seemed out of date for a few years after that, though the pair never made up.

Then, Trinity appeared in the place of Bob the Drag Queen opposite her All Stars 4 twinner Monét X Change in the most recent episode of the pair’s podcast, Sibling Rivalry, to discuss All Stars 9.

In typical Trinity fashion, she kicked off the podcast by asking who Monét to spill some tea, and tell her a Ru Girl that she “hated”.

Monét replied that she had a period in which she didn’t like Gia Gunn for a while, and that she had a brief beef with Tamisha Iman, and that her and The Vixen “aren’t friends”, but Trinity then took the mic and spilled.

“I used to love [Farrah Moan],” she said, “Until she started all this drama during COVID for no reason.”

Continuing, Trinity claimed: “Girl she tried to get all of her fans to attack me because I did a show during COVID – the brunch show, outside, with a mask, fifty people limited, within the law – and she like tried to have people come after me for literally no reason.”

Trinity also claimed that she invited Farrah to stay with her in Florida a few weeks before the clash before concluding with: “Now I hate that highlighter b*tch.”

The All Stars 7 alum also claimed that she let Farrah “have it” on a tour for acting like a “brat”

Farrah strikes back – and accuses Trinity of historic transphobia

Though the episode with Trinity in question only dropped yesterday (June 27), it didn’t take long for Farrah to come out swinging – like, really swinging.

In a series of social media posts, Farrah explained that since Trinity, whom she referred to as a “trailer trash demon”, had brought up their beef, she wanted to share a story.

Farrah explained that “one summer” – of an unspecified year – she was dating a trans man in San Francisco, and the pair met up with Trinity for dinner.

The queen continued, claiming that Trinity said many transphobic remarks during the dinner, causing her to be “mortified” and her date’s “heart to literally shatter”.

According to Farrah, after she told Trinity her date was trans, Trinity then “immediately backpedaled”, but Farrah wrote, “to this day I have never had a more uncomfortable interaction with a person”, adding that she gave her season nine sister “the benefit of the doubt”.

The posts continued, with Farrah vaguely claiming that Trinity made another transphobic remark “on Twitter or online”, but clarifying that her “breaking point was in 2020 when [Trinity had] freshly won an All Stars season, were in a deadly pandemic, and she tweets about how essential her job is.”

“But hey, she’s GREAT at drag,” Farrah concluded.

The Los Angeles-based diva then denied that Trinity ever invited her to stay, and said that the incident in which she was being a “brat” on tour was mistold.

Trinity denies all claims of transphobia

In a statement to Out, Trinity has denied all claims of transphobia, and said that Farrah is “embellishing” her tale.

“The claims that Farrah have made are grossly embellished. I have never and would never say those things about a trans man. Farrah’s obviously in her feelings about my statements in the podcast she brought up and she is clearly lashing out. I might talk more about the night she mentions in a future podcast. Stay tuned.”

Trinity’s only response to Farrah’s claims thus far have been an Instagram Story in which she wrote: “Well we wanted drama… lol!”

She added: “Excited for the next podcast.”

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