Drag Race star Mistress Isabelle Brooks stole a Rusical prop, then got called out by Mama Ru

On the left, RuPaul laughing while sat on the Drag Race judging panel. On the right, Mistress Isabelle Brooks in a red gown.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 contestant Mistress Isabelle Brooks has shared the iconic story of how she stole from the set and ended up in trouble with host RuPaul.

In the last episode of Drag Race, the final six contestants performed Wigloose: The Rusical, a pertinent imitation of Kevin Bacon’s Footloose, in which drag is outlawed in a conservative small town.

As with any musical, the performance involved props – including a copy of RuPaul’s own earth-shattering autobiography GuRu.

Beginning the hilarious tale of felony and thievery, Mistress explained: “When I was on set I was a kleptomaniac and would take everything that wasn’t bolted down. So I stole the [GuRu] book we were using [because] I thought it was just a prop.

“But it turned out to be one of the producer’s personal book and they were going crazy looking for it.

“That s**t was so scary, I gave them the book back though because I didn’t want them to search my stuff and find the jewellery, wigs and piece of the werk room wall I stole.”

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As the queens returned to the mainstage following their Rusical performance, the Texan queen decided to exit her thieving era and enter her begging-for-forgiveness era, admitting to RuPaul what she had done.

“I apologised to Ru and admitted I stole the book,” Mistress said. “And she said ‘Well… cue the snipers.'”

Channelling her best Trinity The Tuck impression, fellow contestant and this week’s eliminee Salina EsTitties called shade on Mistress’s self exposé. 

Replying to Mistress’s thread, Salina wrote: “Oh, so you’re not gonna tell them how you actually tricked me into holding it for you and then blamed it on me? MISTRESS CHINGONA BROOKS!”

Luxx Noir London verified Salina’s tongue-in-cheek claim, writing: “May or may not have witnessed this.”

Drag queens mopping accessories and set props from the werk room is all part of the Drag Race experience, according to some former contestants.

Following her elimination, Salina revealed that she stole as many accessories “like spirit glue and bobby pins” as she could, while Drag Race UK season four queen Just May admitted to stealing wig heads, stationery, hairspray and scissors after she was eliminated first from the season.

“Sorry Ru, send me an invoice,” May wrote.

Season 14 queen Bosco shared a photo of her holding a piece of the iconic pink werk room wall that she took home, while season 12’s Jackie Cox admitted to taking wigs, shoes, and “a ton of nails”.

Stealing props was one of the reasons why season four contestant Willam was booted off the show, too.

Last week’s Wigloose: The Rusical was swiftly considered one of the best Rusicals of all the Drag Race franchises, with Kevin Bacon himself praising the cast

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