Twins Sugar and Spice win Drag Race season 15 finale with two iconic meme-worthy moments

Sugar and Spice at the Drag Race finale

TikTok sensations and RuPaul’s Drag Race competitors Sugar and Spice may have lost the crown of season 15 – but two viral moments from Sasha Colby’s crowning prove they won the finale.

While Sugar and Spice exited Drag Race‘s biggest ever season in 14th and ninth place respectively, the twins undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the competition with their coordinated lewks, barely-formed sentences and canned bits.

Keeping up their tradition of going viral, each of Drag Race‘s first ever biological siblings to compete together had their own meme-worthy moment from the season 15 finale.

Fans noticed that Spice seemed to develop sudden teleportation abilities, appearing next to each of the top four’s families as they were interviewed by RuPaul. She found herself next to Anetra’s stepmother and father, Luxx’s boyfriend and mother, Sasha’s friends and even Mistress’s legendary drag mother, Chevelle Brooks.

Fans picked up on Spice’s continued reappearances throughout the finale, writing: “I can’t with @callmespice_ sneaking in ALL family interviews.”

The older half of Sugar and Spice responded with: “I noticed the cameras would go up and I immediately started posing and getting my best angles.”

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As she should!

But Spice wasn’t the only half of the twins with a viral moment.

Not one to be outdone, fans have gagged at Sugar appearing in the group performance of Wigloose without lip syncing a single word of the musical number. Hilarious.

Called out by Drag Race legend Silky Nutmeg Ganache, who wrote: “I live that Sugar ain’t lip synced a word,” this season’s Snatch Game casualty’s mute moment has since garnered even more laughs on Twitter.

One fan commented that Sugar was “winning the IDGAF war” – which translates as “winning the ‘I don’t give a f**k’ war” – before older sister Spice jumped to her defence by writing that her twin was there to “there to serve c**t and nothing else!!”


Aside from the shenanigans of Sugar and Spice, the gag-worthy season 15 finale saw Sasha Colby take home the crown and coveted title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.

Alongside memorable performances from all the top four queens – Ms Colby, Anetra, Mistress Isabella Brooks and Luxx Noir London – viewers applauded the finale for its powerful focus on trans rights in the face of legislative attacks on the LGBTQ+ community across the US.

Although season 15 has now drawn to a close, the Drag Race mega machine shows no signs of slowing down – and nor should it! – with All Stars 8 officially on the horizon.

All Stars 8 premieres 12 May on Paramount Plus and WOW Presents Plus UK.