This trans Drag Race Philippines queen has already won the internet’s heart: ‘She’s so c**t’

A promotional image of Drag Race Philippines season two queen M1ss Jade So

Drag Race Philippines has revealed the twelve queens vying for the crown in season two – but one in particular has already become a firm favourite among fans.

In a world where there are currently fourteen international iterations the RuPaul television juggernaut known as Drag Race, more than five hundred queens have sashayed through various Werk Room doors in the hopes of becoming a drag superstar.

One of the most recent countries to receive its own runway, judging panel and eclectic cast of drag artists competing for a crown was the Philippines. Last year, the inaugural season of Drag Race Philippines made a big impression as Precious Paula Nicole was crowned winner – and now it’s returned for a second run.

On Tuesday (11 July), a brand new cast of queens were unveiled for the spin-off’s second season, along with confirmation that Pinoy superstar Paolo Ballesteros will return as the host and main judge, alongside former OG Drag Race contestant Jiggly Caliente and actress, TV host, and activist KaladKaren.

But just how does a queen stand out against a cast that has already exhibited the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent necessary to secure a coveted spot in the Werk Room?

Remarkably, it seems as though one managed it. Enter M1ss Jade So, a proud transgender drag artist who is “a fashion design student and a queen of impeccable style [and] lives life as if she were the star of her very own music video,” as per her official bio.

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M1ss Jade So’s synopsis also highlights her identity as a proud transgender woman who “stands as a beacon of unity among her fellow trans women, viewing them not as competitors but as sisters on a shared journey.”

It adds: “With a commanding presence as a body queen and a fierce advocate of doll domination, this ‘power top na bratzy’ is prepared to weave a tapestry of unforgettable fantasies that will leave an everlasting impression.”

With a sickening promo look and a caption that translates as: “Fantasy is coming to your televisions kungkuruz! I’m crying, I’m excited, suck my SHELL. BOW!” M1ss Jade So has instantly snatched the attention of Drag Race fans – and even some former stars.

Leading the charge of online love is recent All Stars 8 lip sync assassin, Aja, who tweeted: “Wait she’s so c**t, omg.”

Marina Summers – who competed Drag Race Philippines season one and is rumoured to be appearing in the upcoming second season of Drag Race UK Vs. the Worldadded that “M1ss Jade So is going to be our new Drag Race obsession.”

Season 14 star Joey Jay followed up with a simple: “Crown her.”

In the midst of a captivating monologue in her introductory video, M1ss Jade So shared that her fans are called her ‘SuSos’, which is Filipino for ‘Breasts’.

Unsurprisingly, that concept alone has attracted much hilarity online, including from Drag Race UK season three’s Choriza May, who bravely came out as a SuSo.

Of course, plenty of fans have branded M1ss Jade So a trans icon and fierce ‘doll’ – an affectionate slang term for a trans woman.

Brooke Lynn Hytes (Canada’s Drag Race host) wrote: “THEEEEEE DOLL!” and another fan added that they were “ready to be dollified!!!!”

Another shared that M1ss Jade So is “the sexiest, the c**tiest, the baddest esoteric bratz doll.”

M1ss Jade So will be competing against 11 other queens for the crown of Drag Race Philippines season two. Among them are two other trans contestants, an Adele impersonator and the drag daughter of Drag Race Philippines season one queen Viñas Deluxe.

M1ss Jade So season two castmates are as follows: Arizona Brandy, Astrid Mercury, Bernie, Captivating Katkat, DeeDee Marié Holliday, Hana Beshie, Matilduh, Nicole Pardaux, ØV CÜNT, Tiny Deluxe and Veruschka Levels.

Drag Race Philippines season two premieres on 2 August on WOW Presents Plus in the US and internationally.