Drag Race legend announces break from drag and career change: ‘A new chapter’

RuPaul on All Stars 3

RuPaul’s Drag Race OG Ongina has announced that she will be taking ‘a breather’ from drag, and teased a career change in ‘a new chapter’.

The original bald baddie of the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise (sorry to Trixie Mattel and Monét X Change), Ongina first appeared on the inaugural season of the flagship show in 2009, before returning in 2020 to compete on All Stars 5.

Ongina made history by coming out as HIV-positive during her first run, and has remained a firm fan favourite among the fanbase ever since – but the icon has recently shared that she’s embarking on a “new chapter” in a poem to fans, hinting that she’s taking a break from drag.

Shared on July 7 via Ongina’s Instagram account, the poem reads: “This time, I return to it with new goals, hoping it will bring me the happiness I yearn for.

“A new challenge, dare I say, but the freedom to create something new everyday. I’m nervous, I’m excited, but most of all I feel lifted, excited to use the talents I was gifted”

The poem continued, “While I let Ongina take a breather, I know this new creative chapter will be better.

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“As I look into my future I’m certain, for now, this is the right move. But I hope you’ll stick around as I dance to this new beat and find my groove!”

A follow up post, also to Ongina’s Instagram account, confirmed that the upcoming RuPaul’s Drag Con LA 2024 will be the star’s “last” one.

“See you then!” she added, seemingly confirming that this is a definite break from drag.

The comments of both posts have been filled with well wishes from fans and fellow queens.

“Wishing you the best in whatever you do next,” one wrote, while another added, “Whatever it is you’re doing next I have no doubt that you will be the most massive success!! Happy for you!!”

Ongina is not the first Drag Race girl to announce a breather from the art form – or a departure altogether – in recent months.

Drag titan Trixie Mattel is set to embark on a hiatus for “several months”, and season 12’s Aiden Zhane penned a similar note to fans explaining why her drag career is “hanging in the balance”.

Canada’s Drag Race star Eve 6000 also packed it in for good in April of this year.

Luckily for fans, the Drag Race machine never stops. Even though All Stars 9 is coming to a head soon, Canada Vs. The Worlds second season will premiere on July 19. Aside from the, the mysterious Global All Stars should be announced any day now, and All Stars 10 casting rumours have already kicked into gear.

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